/Layag-Layag Beach – An Ideal Beach Camp Destination 4 Hours Away from Manila!

Layag-Layag Beach – An Ideal Beach Camp Destination 4 Hours Away from Manila!

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LAYAG – LAYAG BEACH is now closed to tourist ;(

During my previous hike to Mt. Pico De Loro, I was able to speak to a guide that helped us climb up to the summit of that mountain. He told me that there is a beautiful beach called Layag-Layag that is free and very accessible from Manila. I immediately searched for that beach and when I saw how pretty it looked on the internet, I immediately scheduled a beach camp with my friends.
From Buendia, it took them over 3 hours to get to the town of Nasugbu. If you have a private vehicle, you can try a faster route via Ternate – Kaybiang Tunnel – Barangay Papaya.
We decided to stop at a fast food outlet for breakfast and bought some more food to take to the beach as Layag-Layag is an uninhabited beach so we had to carry all the essentials with us to the beach.
From there, we hired a tricycle to Barangay Papaya which took us around 30 minutes from Nasugbu Town.

From there, we met our guide or should I say my contact person to Layag-Layag beach. Kuya Casiano is a resident of Barangay Papaya and organized everything and provided us with cooler, drinking water, ice, and much more.
His boat took us to Layag Layag beach for Php 150.00 both ways. For those who are driving, there is also a secure parking lot for 100.00 / night. It was an exciting 15 minute journey to the beach and we were blessed with a great weather.
Layag-Layag Beach is located in Barangay, Papaya in Nasugbu, Batangas. It is a beach cove where tourists can visit for a day or even camp out for a night. As we were getting closer and closer to Layag-Layag beach, we were getting more and more excited for our beach camp.
Since this was my first time to camp, I was expecting this to be a challenging yet very fun camp with friends. Layag-Layag Beach doesn’t have any toilets nor any drinking water. So as mentioned a while ago, we brought everything with us to the beach.
After pitching our tent, we decided to walk around the beach and just appreciate the beautiful landscape of Layag-Layag. Since the beach is FREE of charge, expect a lot of visitors during weekends. That is why it’s better to get in touch with Kuya Casiano, so he could prepare everything for you ahead of time.
You can swim anywhere around Layag-Layag. Just make sure you wear your slippers or any type of wet shoes when swimming to protect you from rocks and sea urchins. The water was clear and warm which was so nice.
This side of Layag-Layag was so picturesque and my favorite spot to sun bathe.
Out of interest, we invited some of our Instagram friends whom we know are adventurous enough to join our craziness. We all introduced ourselves and got to know each other more. And as time goes by, we became more closer and more comfortable with each other.
From Left – Right ( IG ID) :
@iamjamescandelaria , @i.am.pusangkalye , @verunner16 , @michaelfranks , @jubatz, @simplymeglenn
Later in the afternoon, it was time for us to prepare for our dinner. We basically just bought fish, pork, rice, and other seasoning for dinner. For breakfast, we had coffee, bread, eggs, sausages, luncheon meats, and rice.
Sunset was fast approaching so we decided to swim and catch the afternoon sun and later chill on the beach while waiting for the sun to go down. I found that very special!
There is no electricity on the beach, so make sure you bring your LED lamps or torches with you. I brought candles and mosquito coils too to repel any insects bugging us that night.
The next morning, I decided to walk around specially on the edge of the beach where you could take nice photos of Layag-Layag beach and the nearby beaches and resorts like Hamilo Coast.
On the other side of this rock, you will find a nice private cove that is crystal clear and less rocky. I love this part of Layag- Layag!
If you feel more adventurous, you can even try cliff jumping. A fun way to end your Layag-Layag adventure!
Our beach camp at Layag-Layag Beach was really fun and memorable. I also couldn’t believe that this was only 4 hours away from Manila. And the most important thing was the beach was FREE! What else could you ask for!
Note: Though not visible on the pictures, one thing we observed when we arrived was the amount of trash on the beach coast which we believed was left behind by the campers. I talked to Kuya Casiano and they said that they clean the beach themselves and with the locals during weekdays. More measures need to be put in place and I hope they do it soon. It’s a beautiful beach but the amount of trash can be off putting to other tourists. 
Layag- Layag Beach is going to be a famous beach. With the little amount of money needed for this adventure, I see backpackers and beach goers would definitely schedule their visit in the coming weeks to explore this beach. Let us always remember to be responsible specially with the trash and don’t forget to have fun!
Our Contact Person: Kuya CASIANO 
Mobile Number: 09398638839


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