/SKYJET – Fastest plane ride to Coron, Palawan

SKYJET – Fastest plane ride to Coron, Palawan

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With very few airlines flying to Coron, Palawan, I am always on the hunt for an alternative and fastest way to get to a destination. Of course, still within the budget.
As I was checking on flights to Coron, one airline that offers the lowest fare and fastest way to get to Coron, Palawan is Skyjet. I always knew of this airline because they are one of the airlines that fly to Batanes Island. But aside from Batanes, they also fly to Boracay and, of course, our destination Coron.
So we bought tickets at a very affordable price and got the early flight via Sky Jet with our foreign friends who had traveled to the Philippines for the first time.
After a few minutes of waiting, they finally called the passengers for boarding. It was fast and was exciting to see the aircraft. If you are flying with Skyjet, you will have to go to the old airport which is now called TERMINAL 4.
This aircraft is a BAE – 146 series 100 and can accommodate 80 passengers. This aircraft is perfect for short flights and can manage short landings, which is ideal for island travels.
While inside, snacks were provided. But what I was really impressed with about this plane was how fast it took us to get to Coron. The travel time with this aircraft was only 35 minutes!
With this flight, we were able to do more in Coron and by 10am we were already island hopping!
With Mary Ann and Melanie. This is their first time to travel to the Philippines and they loved it! It was great to begin our awesome holiday with no delays en route to Coron, Palawan!
We were just very happy and pleased that we flew with this airline. We were very impressed and surely this won’t be the last time we are going to fly with Skyjet in the future!
Skyjet flies to Coron, Boracay, and Batanes, and if you want to get more information about tickets and flight schedules, you may visit their website at www.flyskyjetair.com


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