/A Lovely Sea Journey on 2GO St. Gregory The Great

A Lovely Sea Journey on 2GO St. Gregory The Great

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It’s been a years since I traveled on a ship like this. It was when airfares were still very expensive. Since I will be attending a reunion in Camiguin and an explorer who is not in a rush, I decided: why not try travelling on a ship. I bought tickets 2 months ago via online and chose the State Room for a change. We used to stay in Economy or Tourist Class before, but now I think I can afford a State Room. The trip would take 3 Days and 2 Nights with a stop-over in Cebu. 
I paid Php 3200.00 for a State Room for two. So if you are travelling with someone you are basically paying around 1600.00 per person which is not bad at all. Meals are inclusive. Not bad for a 2 nights stay!
At the moment, 2Go Travel is the only shipping line available.  Their port area is so close and no way of getting lost. It’s right behind Manila Hotel. Just take a taxi for your convenience.
When I arrived at the port station, I was welcomed by this huge ship and it was M/V St. Gregory The Great! Our Departure was at 7:00 pm on a Monday and arriving in Cagayan De Oro at 5:00 am on a Wednesday. But cargo loading delayed our departure time which also change our arrival time. 

M/V St. Gregory The Great 

The port area itself is very clean and fully air conditioned. I felt very safe as well as there are X-Ray machines and sniffer dogs to ensure the safety of the trip. Hand in your tickets and don’t forget to pay a Terminal Fee.
TIP: If you booked online, go straight to the Ticketing Office outside the port. Just ask the security guards where it is before heading to the port area.  It’s a bit of a walk and you don’t want to walk back again with your luggage. 
Tickets and boarding pass sorted and now I’m ready to board the ship. 
The Men on the left and Ladies on the right. Just making it all organized, yet you ended up together as you get to the top of the steps. 😉 
Welcome aboard! 
Such a nice welcome, singers performing while people are arriving on the ship.
Since, I’m staying in a State Room, I need to go to the reception for the key and a staff member will take you to your room with the key and remote control for the TV. Good Service! 
You will need to hand in an Identification Card for the TV Remote. 
As I entered the room, first word I said was WOW!!!!
 Wasn’t expecting it to be as good as this one. But it was a beautiful room! 
I was overwhelmed! 
Toilet and Bath. And water pressure is very good. 
I have my own couch and my own TV. Yay!
As I opened the window in my room, this was the view I got! Priceless! Never get to see the front view before and now there it is! 
This is an example of a Tourist Accommodation. 
There are two dining areas in the ship but all in one place. 


They also have a posh looking dining area that caters for the Cabin and State Room guests. This is where I get my inclusive meals.  But anyone is welcome to eat here. 
Now, here is the Menu that you can have in the restaurant. At least you will have an idea about their food and prices. 
My Breakfast. Sausage, Egg and Rice. I added brewed coffee to my breakfast. 
My Lunch. Chopsuey and Chicken
My Dinner that I enjoyed a lot. Beef Stew and Pinakbet. 
You get to meet new friends.
I walked around the ship and these are the public CR areas. 
One thing I enjoyed about travelling on a ship is you get to go to the roof deck and have a view of the ocean and enjoy this fresh breeze. I missed that a lot when I was a kid. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins around. 
They have stores if you want to buy something and a mini drug store at the reception. 
So many guys are so hooked to this giant chess set. You always see people playing. This never goes vacant.  It costs 50 pesos per hour. 
The ship also has a night life. You can dance and party all the way! Band finishes at 12:00 midnight. But you can still drink in moderation. 
I just want to sit in one of these in the ship and just enjoy and chill and appreciate life and nature. 
I’m not the only one hanging out here! ; )
Arrived at 8:00 am at Cagayan De Oro port and passengers are now ready to rumble! Leaving the ship can be hectic. TIP: Don’t rush as all of you will get down anyway. If you have a lot of luggage with you and if you can’t carry them by yourself, hire a porter. 

Welcome to the Port of Cagayan De Oro! 
Now that I am in Cagayan De Oro, need to find my way to the Island of Camiguin
So excited! 
My experience with 2Go Travel via St. Gregory The Great is such a great one. I am so happy that I did my journey this way.  It’s such  a beautiful ship and the staff were excellent and friendly. I’m very impressed with the upgrade of the ship and service. 
It’s really worth doing a trip like this. It’s a vacation and it’s all on board! 
Link to 2go Travel: http://travel.2go.com.ph/
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