/Youtheory Collagen for Men : Review and Side Effects

Youtheory Collagen for Men : Review and Side Effects

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For people who are always on the go and do a lot of things, whether it’s work or simply living an active lifestyle like me, looking after yourself is crucial, and it all starts from within. That’s when someone recommended taking collagen and told me that I must try Youtheory Collagen for Men.

What I did first was to look online and check the reviews about this collagen. Next, I tried to find a shop that sells original or legit collagen because there are so many fake ones out there. Once I found one online, I checked the seller’s reviews, and luckily, we got the original ones!

Why is taking collagen necessary?

As we age, our collagen levels also decrease. Collagen helps supply nutrients for our hair, nails, bones, teeth, and so much more. Further online research suggests that collagen is beneficial for cardiovascular health. Knowing the benefits of taking collagen makes more sense, not just for women but also for men. And, aside from making you look good, there are many health benefits as well.


How many tablets of collagen must I take a day?

Youtheory Collagen for men suggests taking six tablets a day. This may sound like a lot, but you will get used to it. The best time to take it is before going to bed. After taking six tablets a day for a few weeks, I reduced my intake to four tablets a day. It’s continuous, and I never skipped.

What are the side effects of taking Youtheory Collagen for Men?

When taking any collagen, always remember that you won’t feel the effects or benefits right away. You need to be patient and never skip a day without taking it. After a month of taking it, I immediately observed that my skin got smoother, especially on my face.

I also battle with a knee injury from running, and every time I kneel down or do squats, I struggled! But after taking Youtheory Collagen for Men, I noticed a difference because I can kneel down much better and do some squats without causing too much pain. I also do some fitness workouts, and instead of taking Whey protein as my supplement, I take this collagen to support my muscle recovery.

These are just some of the few benefits of why I keep taking this Youtheory Collagen for Men. I tried other brands, but I see more effects on Youtheory, maybe because it’s made for men. This is great stuff, and I think you must also give this a try and see for yourself.

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