/Find the Best Fabric only at Divisoria!

Find the Best Fabric only at Divisoria!

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Friday morning and it was a holiday in Cavite since we are celebrating Aguinaldo Day. Our couch is looking terrible and we wanted to look for fabric to make a slip cover. And the best and the cheapest place to look for the fabric is definitely in DIVISORIA!

Fabrics, Fabrics and more Fabrics!

We left the house at 6:000 am. Better to leave as early as possible as it can get so busy during daytime and can be very hot! It only took us an hour to drive from Cavite to Divi ( Divisoria). Thank goodness for GPS as going there could be very tricky if you are not familiar with the place. We got lost but GPS helped us out.  We normally park around to the Binondo Church. There are so many pay parking spaces around. There is one just next to Metrobank!
Within 15 minutes, we found the fabric that we wanted because the choices are so wide and varied. It only costs Php 45.00 per yard… That’s very cheap! After that, we decided to walk around since it’s not too busy yet and we found some interesting sights!
Divisoria is a great place to shop as you can find everything here. I do hope that our government could do something just to clean it up a bit and restore some old buildings! Divisoria is a historical place and It must be restored.  “It just needs a touch up to make it more a tourist friendly destination”- ( A statement from one of our foreign visitors). 
I love Divisoria and will continue to go shopping for bargains here.
Map of Divisoria – http://stoicpassion.com/wp-content/uploads/divimaptags.gif
If you see this bridge and lights.. You are heading in the wrong direction. Stick to the left!
We made a left turn here.
If you see this sign… You can relax now…
You just arrived!
This church stands out beautifully!
Entrance to Divisoria. Normally it’s next to Starbucks.
Nice park in the middle.
Fabrics, Fabrics and more Fabrics!
It’s starting to get busy.
So many to chose from – remember much cheaper in street stalls than the stalls inside the buildings.
Loving the colours
Hanging Dummies!
They have nice fresh vegetables as well as you go to 168.
En route to 168
They now have condominiums connected to 168.
Lovely fruits!
Now this is funny!
I like the humour!
When you go to Divi, you must visit this shopping mall!
As we walked back, observed this building that is so old
and still picturesque!
Another old structure around Divisoria.
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