/Ilog Bayan Resort in Silang Cavite

Ilog Bayan Resort in Silang Cavite

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Hidden in the middle of town in Silang Cavite, you will find a very affordable resort where you can go for a quick visit and swim – that is the Ilog ng Bayan Resort.


Entrance Fee: Php 50.00

Cottage: Php 300.00

When a friend told us that they are going to a resort in the middle of Silang town, I immediately asked if there is really one. I was skeptical so I searched Ilog ng Bayan but there is not much on the internet about it.

One thing I could tell about the place based on research was its very scenic and it was surrounded by trees. We immediately set up a date on when to visit and I just couldn’t wait.

It was Saturday morning and using Google Maps, we were able to locate the resort easily. I was thinking it was going to be busy, but to my surprise, it was not.

You will need to go down several steps going to the resort. Just be careful as it could be slippery.

There were only a few people there and what really got my attention was how clean the water was. I loved the huge trees surrounding the resort.  In one corner, you will find the spring which I believed to be the primary source of water in the resort. The water is not chlorinated, I guarantee that!

They have two swimming pools, one for adults and one for children. I am not sure if there is a lifeguard on duty but if you have kids with you, please watch over them always.

Overnight stay is still not allowed at the moment, but spending the whole day there is actually very pleasant. We enjoyed our stay and there is also a grilling station if you want to barbecue.

Stores were also available up on the road which was very convenient.

I am not sure how old this resort is but one thing I could tell, this is a nice go-to place if you want to relax and just spend time with your friends. The water is so clean and with minimal fees, this definitely fits your budget.

I cannot wait to go back there again and invite friends over.


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