/PRC ID Renewal | Why I went all the way to Baguio City?

PRC ID Renewal | Why I went all the way to Baguio City?

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Every 3 years, Filipino citizens holding a license issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)  must renew their identification (ID) card. Similar to passport renewal, license holders must do an online application on the PRC website first and the system will give you a certain date when you can renew your PRC ID.

Upon checking the website, there are several offices where you can renew your ID but with the amount of people renewing their license, you sometimes have to wait for weeks or even months to get a slot.

Check out this guide published by the Online License Renewal PRC to guide on your renewal online application. 

And it’s not really ideal if you are asked for a new identification card. I know it’s my fault for not doing it early but things like that happen to so many people. Although, I’ve always believed in alternatives or options.

Since the PRC in Dasmarinas will take months  to renew, I checked on other PRC offices and I found out that PRC Baguio has the earliest slots. My colleagues found it weird, but as a traveler, I see a great opportunity to explore the city and renew my license, so I reserved a slot at PRC Baguio City!

Coming from Cavite, I went to PITX where they now have SOLID NORTH buses that travel from PITX – Baguio v.v. every hour . It’s so convenient! You can either book a ticket at PITX or you can also book online which I highly recommend.

The travel time is around 6 hours. We left PITX at around 6:00 am and arrived in Baguio City past 12:00 nn. It was a smooth ride, comfortable bus  and I felt very safe.

Upon arrival, I took a taxi straight to PRC Baguio. It was very easy to find because it’s right next to Burnharm Park. My schedule was at 3:00 pm but I took a risk and arrived early hoping I could renew my license much earlier.

Upon arrival, I walked to the building and it was busy. But what I observed was, even though they were busy. It’s very organized!

While I was seated and waiting for my turn, I talked to the guy before me and apparently he was also from Manila and came to Baguio for 2 days, but his main purpose visiting the summer capital was also to renew his license. We both agreed we were not crazy! Lol…

I paid the fee, presented my certificates for the CPD points and in less than an hour, I had my license renewed. I asked the woman as I received my ID if she is sure that I was done, she just laughed.

So since I finished early with PRC ID renewal, now I had so much time to do whatever I want in Baguio City.

Metro Pines Inn | One of the nearest place to stay from PRC Baguio

Phone Number: (074) 424 7722

PRC Baguio is located in a very busy area of town. The good thing is there are also many hotels and inns to stay in the area. Few meters away, I found Metro Pines Inn.  A standard room for 2 cost me around Php 1500.00  which I think is already a good price.

The room was clean, it was quiet and the location was perfect especially if you just want to be around the city. I don’t mind staying here again for a quick stay in Baguio.

You have Good Taste restaurant which serves good food not far from PRC. Just expect that the place is always busy but the food is really good. PRC can also be seen from the hotel.

Other things to do in Baguio City

That evening, I walked around and found out this local place called CAFE CARIDAD. Always wanted a not so touristy place and I think I just found a place to chill and enjoy a couple of drinks. It’s very relaxed and I enjoyed listening to music here.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up early morning and walked around Burnharm Park.  You can join in some ZUMBA CLASSES in the park which was really fun.

For breakfast, we walked to CHIAS RESTAURANT  for a home cooked meal. The food here is also something you must try  because they were really good. I just hope they serve brewed coffee though  in the morning.

Before going back to Manila, I decided to walk to  BAGUIO PUBLIC MARKET to get some pasalubong to bring home. It’s not that far from PRC or Burnharm Park. I was able to buy some good quality coffee grounds from KAPE UMALI.  I was also able to get strawberries and blueberries at a good price. It’s a place you must definitely visit before your trip back.

While in the bus back to PITX, I just realized how fun it was to renew my PRC license in Baguio. I was able to explore the city without rushing and just enjoy the cold climate the place is famous for.


It may not be as cheap renewing your license considering the fare, accommodation, food, etc.. But if you wanted to have a quick adventure getaway at the same time, this is definitely worth it and I don’t mind doing this again in the future!

Pine Lake View Building, No. 09 Otek Street
corner Benjamin R. Salvosa Drive,
Bgy. Rizal Monument, 2600 Baguio City

Tel: (074) 665-4338 (074) 661-9105 (074) 665-4335
Telefax: (074) 4447603












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