/Ghost Hunting at DIPLOMAT HOTEL in Baguio City

Ghost Hunting at DIPLOMAT HOTEL in Baguio City

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One of my favorite destination specially if I am looking for cold weather is Baguio City, known to be the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Thousands of people do visit this place, all year round!

With so many activities and things to do in Baguio City, some tourists do search for a different kind of adventure and that is a visit to one of the most haunted places in Baguio and that is the DIPLOMAT HOTEL.

Also known as the Dominican Hill Retreat House in the early 1900s, this ruin has also been transformed into a school and later became a shelter for the Dominicans during the Japanese Period.

But we were not really there for the history, we were really there to find out if Diplomat Hotel is really haunted. While in Baguio with my colleagues, since there was nothing much to do, we all decided to make a short visit to Diplomat hotel.

How to get to Diplomat Hotel?

The best way really to get to this place is by hiring a taxi or a cab to take you directly here. Since it’s located uphill, it’s very  seldom you will find public transport heading in that direction.

Is there an Entrance Fee at Diplomat Hotel?

It’s Free! Enter at your own risk! It’s worth it! 

Entering the gates of Diplomat hotel

All of us were really excited to get to Diplomat Hotel and that moment you stepped inside the ruin, the feeling suddenly changed. I don’t have a third eye nor can see ghosts or spirits, but I can feel if there is a presence.


It’s that heavy feeling that something is on your shoulder. It’s like that! It was heavy!


I prayed for protection just to make sure. But everything else was pretty interesting. It was eerie but it was beautiful. Was it instagrammable? Oh yeah!

Anyway we walked around every room at the Diplomat Hotel and the feeling was all the same. Compared to other tourist places in Baguio, there were less tourists here which made it more relaxing to walk around.

The weather was really good when we arrived and when we walked to the top of the retreat house it suddenly became overcast and a fog enveloped the whole Diplomat Hotel. That gloomy atmosphere made our tour more interesting and maybe scarier.


During our walk, the feeling was the same. But it’s really up to you if you want to scare yourself or just basically enjoy everything. I decided to just have fun and enjoy everything.

Is the Diplomat Hotel really haunted?

Based on my experience, I think YES! But there is really nothing to worry about instead just set your mind to enjoy the place with the company of your friends. I haven’t heard anybody being possessed or anything so you have nothing to worry about. So you think it’s really all in the mind? Maybe!  Go give it a try! I am sure you will also enjoy as much as we did!

When my colleague took a selfie inside Diplomat Hotel, this is how his shot turned out. 

Here is the documentary video from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho about Diplomat Hotel 





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