/BAUMANN Grind and Brew Coffee Maker [ Review]

BAUMANN Grind and Brew Coffee Maker [ Review]

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As a morning person, I couldn’t start my day without drinking a revitalizing mug of brewed coffee. It’s like the only time I consider myself literally awake.That is the reason why we don’t mind investing in a good brand of coffee maker. We have had so many before, even the expensive brands.


But when something goes wrong, having it fixed can be so complicated and take so much time where sometimes it’s better to buy a new one.This time, we decided instead of getting an expensive coffee machine, we looked at the getting one which we considered affordable but did the job well.

Upon looking at the appliance store, we found this BAUMANN GRIND & BREW COFFEE MAKER. The coffee maker is not that big, It only serves 4 cups but what I like was it’s not bulky and complicated. It also grinds coffee for those who prefer to buy coffee beans and grind it themselves.


Baumann Coffee Maker Features:

Built in coffee grinder | This is so good because we can now both buy the ground coffee or the beans. 

Choose from coarse grind, fine grind or coffee ground setting. | This is very useful once you have coffee beans with you. Some coffee drinkers prefer to choose the coarseness of their grind.

Removable, easy to clean water tank and damage proof filter | Because it’s very user friendly, it doesn’t take much time to clean this coffee machine. That’s very handy specially if you want to make another batch of brewed coffee. 

40 Mins keep warm and automatic shutoff | While brewing, you can just leave it there running and rest assured, you still have a nice, warm coffee when you get back. I like the automatic shutoff feature specially when we talk about safety. 

Simple one-touch operation | The one touch makes a lot of difference as anybody could use it and very easy to understand. 


I really like this coffee maker a lot, especially its ease of use and how easy it is to clean. It does make really good coffee and you can tell the difference specially with the flavor.  The price was also very good since it only costs us around Php 2500+ . That is a bargain especially for the quality of the machine and the smell of that freshly brewed coffee from the Baumann Coffee maker! 


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