/The Famous Longganisa of Big Ben’s Kitchen in Imus Cavite

The Famous Longganisa of Big Ben’s Kitchen in Imus Cavite

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If you are planning to explore historical Imus City, one of the things that you must try is their food. One of them is the Imus Longganisa! One local restaurant in Imus is known for longganisa and that is the Big Ben’s Kitchen in Medicion 1A.

After playing badminton, my friends decided that they want to eat at Big Ben’s Kitchen. I had never really heard of the place before until we finally reached the restaurant and saw the organisation being displayed.

Then all of a sudden, I had a flash back and was told that I must try the food and of course the authentic longganisas. The restaurant was very simple and small but very homey. It was clean and nicely air-conditioned. The staff came to approach us for our orders and without any hesitation, I asked for the best seller longganisa.

Something about Big Ben’s Kitchen

In the past, people could write on the wall, but this time they decided to remove them and painted the wall white making it very pleasing to the eyes. And on that same wall, you could get a little bit of the history on how Imus Longganisa started.

Big Ben’s Kitchen Menu

There are quite a few items to choose from on the menu but that I can try later. I told them I wanted to taste their best seller longganisa. They recommended the Garlic Longganisa! Sounds delicious so I went for it!  While waiting for our food, you must also try their Kropek which is a nice appetizer to start with.  It wasn’t that long till our meals arrived.

The Famous Imus Longganisa

I ordered a GARLIC LONGGANISA with rice, atchara (papaya pickle), and a heart-shaped fried egg for Php 100.00. My order of longganisa came in two and since I was really starving from our badminton game, I asked them to add two more for Php 30.00+ each.

I love the aroma of their longganisa and I liked that it’s not very oily.  It looks very natural without any need of preservatives and colorants.On my first bite, I slowly closed my eyes and in my mind I said, damn this is good! Lol…

You could really taste the meat was seasoned well and you could  taste the garlic in their longganisa. It was really delicious! I was chewing everything slowly trying to enjoy the taste of it in my mouth. I am so happy I ordered four!

Pasalubong from Big Ben’s

In one corner, you will find some take away gourmet stuff that you could bring home. You could also buy frozen gourmet longganisa if you like. I like that there is a Keto Chicken Longganisa. That I must try soon!

I am so pleased that I finally was able to experience dining at Big Ben’s Kitchen. And with the long and rich history of this place, I am also very privileged to be able to taste what an authentic longganisa is like in the heart of Imus. Will definitely come back and cannot wait to taste the other longganisa flavors.

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385 Medicion 1st-D Imus, Cavite


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