/5 Best Buko Pies to Try in TAGAYTAY CITY

5 Best Buko Pies to Try in TAGAYTAY CITY

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TAGAYTAY CITY | When we can’t take the heat of Manila, one of the places that we go to is in Tagaytay. Not only the temperature’s cold there, hence, it is also the nearest place that anyone can chill every summer.
Additionally, there are a lot of great food to taste and experience in this area – most especially their desserts! One of their famous desserts is none other than buko pie. However, where can you find these heavenly sweets in this city?
If you are going for a day trip in Tagaytay or taking a visit to Tagaytay Highlands lot you just bought, here are some of the places in Tagaytay that offers the best buko pies! 

1. Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop

Located in Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, this is by far the one of the best buko pie there is in Tagaytay City.
 The Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop has been around since the ’90s, and has always been known for its jam-packed buko filling and freshly out of the oven baked pie – in an affordable price!
Patrons have been very loyal to this brand, and up to this day, people have been lining up for minutes to hours so that they can have a take-home of this all-time favorite pasalubong. Aside from their famous buko pie, they also make espasol, tropical pie, cassava cake, putoflan, yema, and pastillas.

2. Amira’s Buko Tart Haus

Another famous pasalubong stop-over place in Tagaytay, Amira’s Buko Tart Haus is known for their renowned buko tart pie. Their business started as a home-based business that makes birthday cakes, wedding cakes, bread, and ensaymada. As time passed by, they began to create pastries for the locals of Tagaytay – from espasol, boat tarts, buko pies, assorted candies, and their famous buko tarts.
Their buko tart, which is a single serving, bite-size version of the buko pies, are what made their business boomed. It also made them as the sole provider of snacks for guests for Tagaytay’s retreat houses.
Today, they are one of Tagaytay’s tourist flavor attraction and one of the top pasalubong places to visit when in the city.

3. Cecilia’s Buko Pie and Pasalubong

If you don’t want to join the long lines of The Orient: The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop and Amira’s Buko Tart Haus, then Cecilia’s Buko Pie and Pasalubong is the place to be!
Located in Barangay Francisco, Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Cecilia’s Buko Pie and Pasalubong offer the same variant of mouthwatering delicacies of Tagaytay – without going enduring the long lines of waiting. From buko pies, buko tarts, special barquillos, sylvannas to local wild honey, garlic peanuts, chicharon, and other baked products, your trip in Tagaytay will not be complete without visiting this pasalubong place in Tagaytay.

4. Colette’s Buko Pie and Pastries

Another prominent pasalubong stop-over place in Tagaytay City, Colette’s Buko Pie and Pastries are also a must try! What makes them different in all of the buko pie kiosks is their buko pie crusts. Its flaky crust makes their patrons go “oooh!” over these pies. Also, even after refrigerating it, the crust maintains its “toast,” making it one of the best buko pie that you have to try when you are in Tagaytay!

5. Rowena’s

Last, but not the least, Rowena’s are known for Tagaytay’s delicacies. They are known for making assorted tart flavors that range from egg, coconut, ube, mango, apple, pineapple, blueberry cheesecake, and strawberry cheesecake! Aside from their famous tarts, they also offer buko pies, sylvannas, special espasol, and other pasalubong delicacies from the city!
Key Takeaway
If you are planning to go for a trip to Tagaytay City, then visit these places to try the best buko pies in the city! Try it with your family, friends, or loved ones and be ready to take a deep plunge in the city’s most exceptional flavors with this delicacy!
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Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. He loves to learn and understand diverse cultures and aims to share through his writing his experiences around the world.
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