/Amazing CORON PALAWAN Experience [PART 1]

Amazing CORON PALAWAN Experience [PART 1]

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Well,  here we are ready for the great next adventure ahead. We love visiting Coron Palawan simply because of it’s beauty and also the scenic places to visit around the Island. 

We stayed at Coron Gateway Hotel for 4 Days and 3 Nights. Love the rooms and the location. We wanted to enjoy our stay in Coron and did not want to do all the tours in one day as we used to. So this time, we spread our excursions over two days. 
Since we arrived late afternoon and we were a bit tired alreadywe just went to La Sirenetta Restaurant for a drink and to watch this gorgeous sunset. 
And what a way to watch the sunset if you have a Frozen Margarita next to you. 
It’s Dinner time on our first evening and we were sticking to La Sireneta. We really enjoyed their food and for our first night, we ordered the Seaweed Salad, a Wrap, Garlic Prawns and more drinks! Yum!
 Good morning, and it’s our 1st full day and today we planned to begin our excursions at 8:00 am. 

Seadive was our chosen breakfast venue. I enjoyed the walk along a very narrow passage and crossing the bridge to get to their resort. Sea Dive Resort is very famous for backpackers and  also a known dive shop in the area. 


They have Rice Coffee, Brewed Coffee and Hot Water all for FREE! 
That’s why we love this place!  The rice coffee is a must try – full of health-giving benefits and roasted on the premises!
I don’t see any place for breakfast as ideal as this one! 
So that’s were we sat…ha ha and in the picture below La Sirenetta Restaurant can be seen in the background.
Let’s have a look at their Breakfast Menu. 
Prices of breakfast choices were not that bad at all. 
Tariff rates next to the port area are posted here at the coast guard office which I find really good. 


A few months ago, our boatman named BONG and he was recommended by the Gateway Hotel. We were looking forward to have him again on this trip as he was an amazing guide. 


This is a very interesting lagoon for me. There is a narrow opening in the limestone cliff that will take you to the other lagoon. It is a deep lagoon but you can still see the bottom. Why interesting? Because the hot and cold water doesn’t mix here. The moment you dive in suddenly you will see a a strange blurring phenomenon because of the layers of hot and cold water suddenly mixing as you enter the water.  The quieter you are in the water – the clearer it stays! 


TIP: Try to move as slow as possible and if you are with a group, try to keep distance to have a clear vision. 



Bong and his boatman are busy making lunch already. Now that’s service!
Sometime during the World War II, so many Japanese ships were sunk here along Coron. I think there are around 7 Japanese Shipwrecks that can be found here and they are now famous dive sites. Bong took us to the one of them which is close to the shore. It was an amazing site to see. I haven’t seen the wreck so clear. It’s a massive ship that I can tell. I tried to go as close as possible to the wreck but it was just too deep for me. 
What I like about our tour guide Bong is that aside from visiting this wreck, he will also take you to some snorkeling spots around the area. I think that’s an added bonus. He also swims with you and take pictures of you underwater. I feel totally safe with Bong. 
And yes there are so many Nemo’s around the Japanese Ship wreck area and snorkeling there  really was fantastic! 
After all the swimming and snorkeling, we were now starving and ready to munch. 
I just loved this place a lot. What a place to have lunch and stare at the clear waters of Banol Beach. This is why we decided to do our tour in to two days because we did not want to rush. We wanted to enjoy our tour as much as we could . 


Whats for lunch? Pork Chops, Unicorn Fish and Watermelon
And what a way to end our tour for the day. A Philippine Eagle!


The day tour is now over…time to go back to La Sireneta again and watch the Sunset and dine. 


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