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10 Things I Can’t Leave Behind When Travelling Around Philippines (Packing Tips)

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Part of my life now is travelling and exploring awesome places in the Philippines. Basically, one of the most important part of travelling is packing. This is when I feel that I am really going on a vacation. And when we travel around the Philippines, there are so many things to consider when packing.
Aside from carrying the best carry-on luggage, there are things that we cannot really leave behind when travelling.  Here are the 10 things that go into my luggage first when travelling around the Philippines: 

1. Mask and Snorkels

If diving is your hobby, then mask and snorkel are your best friend. I used to rent a mask and snorkel before but I am not always comfortable with it. So I decided to get a set for myself. I may not always be around the beach, but remember that we are surrounded with water. It’s just good to have them handy!

2. Drift the (light) clothes

When travelling around the Philippines, you need to consider the humid climate. Thick clothes are not comfortable to wear in the Philippines and they could be quite heavy in your luggage. That is why when I go around, I make sure I packed mostly drifit clothes with me at all times. It feels good and it’s a quick dry shirt so you don’t spend the day drenched in sweat. 

3. Plastic Bags

You’ve gone swimming but don’t like wasting your time waiting for your clothes to dry? Then stick it all in the plastic bag. Plastic bags are not just for wet clothes, they are also very useful for storing cellphone chargers, batteries and other small things, so you can find them in one place. 

4. Water Bottle

If you don’t want to die of thirst when travelling, then you must carry a water bottle. Though water is everywhere, you must remember to be cautious enough to secure a safer source of water rather than drinking anywhere; also carrying your own bottle means doing your bit for the environment. 

5.Action and Underwater Camera

Before travelling, the first thing you’ll find is a beautiful travel destination, either it has beautiful scenery or the weather suits you. A traveler should, most importantly, bring a camera to take a snap of those scenes that they can look back on later to re-live the experience. Aside from my phone, I always pack my underwater camera and GoPro camera with me. Each has it’s own way of capturing the beautiful moments of travelling! 

6. Belt Bags

For me, this is very important. I am a very spontaneous traveller. I am also a person who easily forget things. So to make sure I have all the important things with me, a belt bag is a must! When I travel, I don’t like to carry everything with me. A small handy belt bag is perfect for carrying the most valuable things like wallets, phones, camera, pens, and more. I want to basically enjoy exploring with less baggage with me! 
7. Polarized Shades
Shades for me is not just a fashion statement but a need. It is very important specially in the Philippines because it will protect your eyes from the heat of the sun. Wear shades and keep your eyes protected from UV rays. For some reasons, I have cholesterol deposits on my eyes which make them very sensitive to bright lights. So for a traveler like me, I make sure I don’t ever forget to wear shades. Get the polarized ones too! 

8. Flip Flops

Some or maybe most of the places around the Philippines do not require people to wear shoes. Filipinos love flip flops not just because they fashionable but also because how comfortable they are to wear when travelling around the country. There are bulky flip flops out there, make sure to pick the ones that are light and easy to carry. But remember that if you are going to be doing a lot of walking – also pack a light pair of walking shoes. 

9. Notebook for Journal

As a traveller, taking pictures is not enough. I’ve made it a practice to also learn how to write notes while travelling. It helps me remember things, specially when I write about the things I do during the entire trip. It’s also nice to make a personal recollection as a reminder of the good memories you had during your travels. 

10. Extension Cords

I always want my phone next to me when I’m in the bed. However, there are certain places in which electric sockets are situated far away from you. Extension cords are the answer to your problem. When travelling, you can now have a definite spot where you can charge your gadgets and other devices. This offers inconvenience especially if you are in unfamiliar place. I am a person who charges several gadgets like my phone, cameras, and other stuff. For foreign tourists, this means you only to have one adaptor for your extension. 
So there you have it guys! So when you see me travelling, expect that I have these items in my bag!  What about you? Would be nice to hear from you! 
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