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Fun Online Math and Board Games for Your Kids

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Searching for online activities especially games on the internet will give you a vast amount of results however some of them are not really that good or even fun. Do not worry because I found one that you can explore and have fun with your kids and families, these are the free online board games found on Calculators.org.

They have two sites that you can explore, one is focused on Math and the other one is a board game.

We know learning Math is very easy, but it could also be very difficult for others. Is there a better way to teach basic mathematics like simple equations to your kids? To answer that question, I think I found one under Math Games in Calculators.org.

Since we have children at home and both of them are in the 1st Grade, we were looking for other activities to strengthen their mathematical knowledge and skills in a way that kids would have fun instead of getting bored. After the Math exercises, we then go to the online board games for kids where their minds could relax for a bit.

If you visit Calculator.org, all you need to do is scroll down and you will see the link for Math Games. Just click on that and will take you to the numerous math games that your kids would enjoy.

Amongst the different games they have there, here are the two top Math games that I used a lot in teaching our kids at home and a board game that we enjoyed playing.

1. Educational Math 4 Kids

What I like about this game is aside from addition, kids could also learn other operations such as division, multiplication, and subtraction. Kids could learn from simple numbers to longer and bigger numbers depending on their difficulty level. In addition, the graphics are quite entertaining and very suited for children.

2. SinalGame

Sinal Game is beneficial for younger students to be more familiar with the 4 basic operations. With a longer time set, this will give kids time to process the simple equation that is posted on the screen. And with the addition of other online board games, you have more options to play and have fun with the entire family. And best of it all, it’s free!

3. Snake and Ladders

A very classic and yet popular game up to now, the Snakes and Ladders is indeed one of the most enjoyable games to play with your kids. I like that this one is online since we kept on losing some of the parts of the board game here at home. You can play up to a maximum of 4 players and it’s so easy to use. If you are playing by yourself, you can also play with the computer. It’s so easy to play and once you press the Roll button, it will automatically move.

Having these board and math games available online really has proven its effectiveness in teaching and entertaining kids even outside school. These games under Calculators.org are definitely the best example of that. With the supervision of a parent or adults, this could be a great help for your kids.






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