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tubigan resort dasmarinas cavite

Tubigan Resort in Dasmarinas Cavite

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If you are searching for a nice resort to take your kids and your family along with you for a day or a staycation, you may want to have a look at Tubigan Resort located in Paliparan, Dasmarinas Cavite.

I was planning to take our kiddos to the beach in Ternate, but I also thought of the travel time so I searched for a fun resort not far away from Imus and then I found Tubigan Resort. From the photos I saw on the internet, it looked like a fun place to be for a day where both adults and kids could have fun.

I woke up the kids early morning and just told them to dress up and we would go somewhere different. They had no idea where we were going and I just told them to bring their swimming costumes along. They were very excited and yet puzzled as to where we were going.

The travel from Imus to Tubigan Resort in Paliparan only took us 40 mins and that is with some heavy traffic already. When we arrived, you can already see how popular this resort is because the parking space was filling up fast and so many people were waiting at the entrance gate. You see families celebrating birthdays, reunions, or simply just a plain family gathering. It felt really nice and even though there were a lot of people, since the resort is huge, you don’t feel cramped inside.


From the entrance, you could already see the different attractions they have and those are different from the water slides they have in the resort. From there, you know that you are going to have a great time.

Tubigan Resort Rates

The rates of the resort are different depending on whether you coming on weekdays or weekends. For the weekends, we paid Php 250.00 each and we just rented a table for Php 600.00 since we would only stay for a few hours. With those rates, you can already enjoy all the amenities of the resort.

The rates are also posted outside the entrance for everyone to see. They have cottages and also rooms available and all are posted on their Facebook page and at the resort.

Tubigan Action Figures

Aside from the slides, another fun thing you will find here is the action figures around the resort. At the parking area, you will find a gigantic dinosaur “Brachiosaurus” welcoming guest. And once inside, say hello to your favorite cartoon and action character figures such as the Minions, Hulk, Transformers and so much more. A great place to also have a photo taken with your kids.

Tubigan Water Themed Park

As per counting, Tubigan Resort has a total of 7 pools and each pool has slides or sprinklers in it. There are pools ideal for the kids because it’s not too deep and yet they can enjoy the water slides. There are also swimming pools which are around 5 feet deep and intended for adults.

tubigan resort dasmarinas cavite




And the best part for me was their main pool where 5 or 6 slides can be found. It was huge! Adults could try the higher slides, while children could use the slides on both sides. We had a great time and spent so much time just sitting in the pool because it is just below knee-deep. It’s very safe for the kids and they will not run out of things to do.

tubigan resort dasmarinas cavite

I also appreciate that lifeguards are present everywhere in the resort making sure everyone is safe. They also have a store where you could buy your necessities and also snacks and drinks if you feel like eating something.

Our trip to Tubigan Resort really was a fun adventure and it was a nice find. If you are somewhere in Cavite, Laguna, or Manila, coming to this resort is not that difficult. You can search it on Google Maps easily. As per writing, we already have plans to return and we will definitely bring the whole family along with us. I cannot wait!


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