/Lighthouse Cove Beach in Papaya Nasugbu Batangas

Lighthouse Cove Beach in Papaya Nasugbu Batangas

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If you are searching for a budget beach destination ideal for camping and any other outdoor activities, you must visit the lighthouse Cove beach in Barangay Papaya Nasugbu Batangas. Similar to other nearby destinations like Kayraang Cove, Bituin Cove, and Parconete Cove, the LIGHT HOUSE BEACH COVE is not far away.

We’ve been visiting Barangay Papaya in Nasugbu for so many years now, simply because of its affordability and how easy it is to visit, especially if you are coming from Manila. What is so good now is that from PITX, there is a bus that goes directly to Nasugbu Batangas via Ternate passing Kaybiang Tunnel. Using this bus, you can just tell them to drop you off at Barangay Papaya. It’s so convenient.

BUS FARE Php 160.00

With the aid of my contact, Kuya Casiano, a tricycle picks us up from the waiting area to take us to the dropoff. With this, we saved so much time since the bus travels past Barangay Papaya.

Once you are at the drop-off, Kuya Casiano will then take you on a boat ride which will only take 10 to 15 minutes. That’s how close it is. In the lighthouse cove, there is no accommodation and no drinking water. Everything is done camping style. However, the signal in the cove is limited, there are cottages for rent and toilets available. Everything has to be done camping style which our group tends to enjoy.

Compared to other beaches around the area, the beach in the lighthouse cove is definitely brighter or whiter. It has more trees so you have more shade. Renting a table definitely helps because there’s a place where you can put your food and the, best of all, is that you can swim.

There is a sandy part where you could swim unlike on other beaches where it’s all rocky or too shallow. At the lighthouse cove, you don’t need to walk far to get a good swim. The water is so clean and this place is also very ideal for snorkeling.

You can pitch a tent anywhere in the cove since the ground is flat enough and it’s very clean. Lush trees around also help keep our tent cool most of the time.

At night, do not forget to bring a torch or a light since there is no electricity in the area. My friend brought these fairy lights and it’s so effective, especially at night. It was a great evening with friends and the location even made it one of the best.

In the morning, we walked to the Rockies and found this small white sand cove which is also perfect for swimming and photo shoots. Just be careful as some rocks are quite slippery. But, everything else was amazing as well as the fact that we didn’t spend too much just to have this kind of holiday.

Cove Entrance including the boat ride v.v. : Php 800.00 / Overnight | Php 250.00 Children below 7 yrs old.

During the weekdays, you sometimes get the cove all to yourself. On the weekends, expect a lot of people, but it doesn’t get overcrowded. All in all, if there is one cove I would like to go back to all the time here in Barangay Papaya, it would definitely be the Lighthouse Cove.

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