/Quick visit to the Famous DIGMAN Halo-Halo in Bacoor City Cavite

Quick visit to the Famous DIGMAN Halo-Halo in Bacoor City Cavite

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Every Filipino loves Halo-Halo! It’s a perfect iced dessert you can enjoy in the Philippines, especially during summer. Everywhere you go around the country, you will always find Halo-Halo and what’s more interesting is, each place has its version of the Halo-Halo. When you visit Bacoor City and long for halo-halo, then Digman is the place to be!

On our way to visit a family friend in Digman. The Halo-Halo came to my mind, and I told my friends that I did not want to leave the place without tasting their version of Halo-Halo.

Luckily with the soft-opening of restaurants during the lock-down period, The Original Halo-Halo of Digman was open. I went to the front to make an order, and I was really amazed at how the condiments were all presented nicely. There is also a wide variety to choose from, which made it more exciting to try.

While waiting, I looked around, and you will find photos of famous people and celebrities who visited the place. They’ve also been featured in some television shows because of their Halo-halo. No wonder the place is considered a talk of the town in the area because aside from the locals, tourists come and visit the place just for their halo-halo.

A few minutes later, our halo-halo arrived, and you could already see that it’s stacked with some goodness. Since we ordered the special, ice cream on top and servings are much bigger. We tasted it, and all I could say was amazing! It was delicious and more than the crushed ice, you could really taste the different ingredients they have in their halo-halo, and all complemented really well.

If only I weren’t full, I’d definitely ordered another one. But I’m coming back again, and I’ll make sure to save some space for The Original Digman Halo-Halo!

Watch this video by EatsMoreFunwithKristine about the Original Digman Halo-Halo.

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