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PLATINUM Karaoke CELLO | Review

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If there is one thing Filipinos are very passionate about it would be Singing. In every celebration in the Philippines, you will find a videoke or a karaoke machine in every home or at any celebration they might have.

As a music lover myself, I just love singing for an hour when I get home from work and also on weekends just to relax. I eventually thought of having my own karaoke at home so I looked online and also in malls and I found the Platinum Karaoke Cello .

What am I looking for in a karaoke machine?

  1. Wireless Microphone – at least two
  2. Easy installation
  3. Can bring it anywhere – Portability
  4. Good quality sound
  5. List of songs – especially the new ones

Before you buy one, it is better to check online for reviews. And that’s what I did! Platinum Karaoke brand is good and for the retail price of Php18,999 for the unit, I think I am in on a good deal and maybe get even more.

I went to the mall and made up my mind that I wanted a Platinum Cello. I was so excited to give it a try and set it up in the house and start singing. Based on my personal experience, if you want to have a good sound quality it is better to get yourself an amplifier and a really good sound system.

About Platinum Karaoke

Platinum Karaoke offers a range of advanced karaoke systems, providing you with easy-to-use and high-quality devices for a wonderful singing experience. From USB compatibility to full HD video playback, we make sure that our karaoke systems include all the features you need and love in karaoke singing.  In addition, we offer quality karaoke accessories, such as amplifiers, speakers and microphones so you can have the best karaoke players to take your experience to the next level.

With over 19,000 OPM and international songs in our karaoke units, you’ll have a blast going through your favorite classics, Top 20s, dance songs, and OPM hits, played with multiple background videos. With our karaoke system’s audio processor and recording function, you can create the best mix of vocals and music for the best performance every time. More importantly, we continuously update our song list.

Because we value you, our customers, you can always request for your favorite songs to be included in our next volume of Platinum updates. With this unique feature, you’ll never run out of new songs to sing along with and impress your colleagues. Source: platinumkaraoke.com

Platinum Karaoke Cello Features

  1. Multiple background videos
  2. Recording function
  3. Intelligent scoring
  4. On screen song search
  5. Over 17000 English and OPM songs
  6. Supports music and video playback via USB interface

When installing, make sure to read the instructions in the booklet. It has step-by-step guide on how you can connect your TV, karaoke machine and sound system together. It’s very easy.

Platinum Cello has 2 microphones each with a remote on it which is great for duets. Each has it’s own remote control aside from the main remote. So while singing, you can already reserve your own songs. You can also adjust the volume of the microphones, echo, the song and so much more. Now we don’t need to fight for the microphones. Just sing along and enjoy the song!

Another good thing about the Cello is the connectivity. This is one way to update your songs to your machine. With this, you can also sing using your smart phone as a screen ideal if you are somewhere. You can also connect up to a maximum of 4 smartphones as a karaoke monitor. It’s very handy and the app is available both on Android and IOS.

Once you checked that everything is connected properly, turn on your Cello and TV and start trying some of your favorite songs. The moment I turned the microphone on and the speakers, I just couldn’t believe how awesome it sounded. The quality of the songs are amazing.  I like that there are also songs with choruses for some back vocals. That’s my favorite actually. With over 17000 songs and still updating, you will never ran out of songs to sing!

Having your own karaoke machine like the Platinum Cello is actually a good buy. It’s so compact and you definitely get more for the price you pay. And having this at your home or anywhere you go, expect a fun time while belting your hearts out to your favorite songs!

Where to buy a Platinum Cello Karaoke Machine?

Platinum Cello is available online at www.platinumkaraoke.com or you can visit any one department stores in selected shopping malls like SM Shopping Center and you will definitely find them there along with other amplifiers and sound system.

Here are some of my sample videos using Platinum Karaoke Cello


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