/Hiwang Native Village Inn & Viewdeck | Banaue, Ifugao

Hiwang Native Village Inn & Viewdeck | Banaue, Ifugao

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If you are searching for a cold climate, peaceful and scenic place to relax, I think Banaue, Ifugao is a great place to visit! Considered a UNESCO Heritage Site, you can visit the Banaue Rice Terraces and learn from the unique culture of the place. We loved it so much that why we went to visit again and decided to stay at Hiwang Native VIllage Inn.

Hiwang Native Village Inn is located a 15 minutes tricycle ride away from the town proper. Some may think it’s far but once you get to the place, you will have no regrets you stayed there.

How to get to Banaue?

Manila to Banaue via Coda Lines (QC) | Travel time: 8 hours

Online Booking: Click Here

* It is recommended to book online prior for your Banaue Trip. Saves lot of time! 

Hiwang Native village Inn only has limited huts so it is advisable that you book ahead prior to your visit. You can book online or you can also make a reservation directly with them.

Hiwang Native Village Phone Numbers



Check Out Time 

7:30 am – 8:00 am


A. Each hut  has it’s own outlets for GADGETS only.

B. The use of extension cords is strictly prohibited.

C. Using a rice cooker or water heater is not allowed.

D. Call the reception if you have any requests or queries.

We arrived early in the morning after our trip and went straight to Hiwang Native Village Inn. Good thing that our room was already available. Since it was up on the hill, be prepared for a bit of a walk and many stairs. I was catching my breath at first but it was good exercise. Pause and enjoy the magnificent view offered as you climb!






They have beds inside our hut, one plug for electric stuff, and a place to put your clothes on. It’s very simple! They will provide you with thick blankets when you check in since it can get very cold at night.

Each of the huts can accommodate 3-4 pax and each hut has it’s own toilet and bath with hot shower. That’s amazing! The bed was comfortable. The pillows soft and firm. The blanket really helped a lot since it can get cold. If in case you want more, they can provide you with more blankets.

Breakfast at Hiwang Native House

If you are looking for a place to eat, no need to go far as Hiwang also serves good food. My advice is to pre-order ahead of time so they could prepare your food. We did that every morning for breakfast. They will give you a phone number that you can contact if you need anything and they will bring it to your hut.

Underneath your hut, you have a table and benches.  It’s an ideal dining area or a place to hang out since you get a breeze and get to enjoy the scenery. It’s one of my favorite, specially when it gets chilly.


We all know that the elevation in Banaue is pretty high and because of that, it has it’s own micro-climate. That is why don’t be surprised if you get covered by a thick fog. We really enjoyed it. It’s a great time to have some wine and just enjoy the whole experience!

On a clear day, Hiwang Native House and Viewdeck is a great place if you want to witness the beautiful sunrise. We’ve woke up pretty early just to see it and it never failed to amaze us as always.

Our Banaue trip was really made more memorable because we experienced staying in an Ifugao native house. It was well worth it and we really enjoyed the privacy of the place since there are very limited huts around. It feels as though it’s just you and nature! Totally a relaxing experience you would want to do again!












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