/KAPE UMALI | Best Place to Buy Coffee in Baguio City

KAPE UMALI | Best Place to Buy Coffee in Baguio City

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As a coffee lover, I keep on telling my friends that I am a person who cannot focus if I have not had a good amount of brewed coffee in the morning or anytime of the day. When in Baguio, who wouldn’t have a hot brewed coffee specially if you are in a very cold climate?

And instead of buying important coffee beans or ground coffee, we actually prefer to buy local produce and support the local farmers. Since we are from Cavite, we normally buy Amadeo Coffee or we go to Mahogany Market and buy some coffee beans at a good price.

Anyway, on my recent visit to Baguio City. I was really in search of a place where I could buy ground coffee at an affordable price to bring home.

Luckily, a friend of mine asked a local resident of Baguio who told us that we should try and go to Baguio City Public Market and look for Kape Umali. I immediately checked on Google Map where it was.

Early morning the next day, my friend and I walked from Burnham Park all the way to Baguio Public Market. It wasn’t that far. This market also serves as a perfect place to buy strawberries, souvenirs and other pasalubong items.

As we walked further in, we started smelling the roasted coffee in the air and that just lightens up my mood. Then we saw this small shop on the right and there we saw KAPE UMALI.

There were a number of people already in line. When I checked on the price of their coffee, it was so affordable. You can buy from half kilo up to 1 kilo or more. You can even tell the staff if you want it ground or just beans.

When it was my turn, I just told them to give me their best seller. Since we have a coffee grinder at home, I decided to have mine in beans.

I am very thankful I found this coffee place Baguio. If you are planning to do the same, make sure to come as early as they could get very busy as well.  Kape Umali is awesome and if you are a coffee lover, don’t leave Baguio without visiting this place at the Baguio City Public Market!

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