/OCEAN’S EDGE RESORT | A Luxury Getaway in Carabao Island Romblon

OCEAN’S EDGE RESORT | A Luxury Getaway in Carabao Island Romblon

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If there is one island paradise that I believe is going to be huge and have a lot of potential to attract more tourists, it would be the Carabao Island. This island is known for its long white sand beaches, caves,  rock formations, coves ,crystal clear waters and so much more. Just exactly what you are looking for on a paradise island!   

And on this beautiful island, one resort is now giving tourist a taste of luxury that you’ve been looking for and that is the Ocean’s Edge Resort. The resort and their spacious luxury villas are situated right on a cliff and offer a stunning view of the sea.

How to get to Ocean’s Edge Resort [ 3 Options]


1. Manila/Cebu to Caticlan (Boracay Airport)

The fastest way to get to Carabao Island is by booking a flight to Caticlan Airport. From there, it is a 40 minute ride to Carabao Island.

2. Manila to Tablas Airport

Cebu Pacific Air flies a few times a week to Tablas Domestic Airport. From there, board a jeepney to Sta Fe Port located in the south of Tablas, and then

take a one-hour boat ride to Carabao Island.

3. Carabao Island via Batangas

The most affordable way to get to Carabao Island is via Batangas. From Manila, board a bus to Batangas. From there, two shipping vessels Montenegro (Daily) and 2G0 (4x a week). The trip takes 8-12 hours to get to Caticlan. From there, take a 40 minute boat ride to Carabao Island.

The resort provides complimentary airport transfers to and from Caticlan airport and boat trips subject to their regular schedules.

Guests may have the option of special trips for a reasonable charge. 

When you get to Carabao Island, you will land at SAID PORT.  It was small as expected but it’s right next to a white sand beach. It was a hot day and the moment you arrive, you just want to go swim right away on that beach.

From Said Port, we were picked up by the Ocean’s Edge Resort and the trip took us around 30 minutes. En route, it is obvious that so many road construction is taking place which is a good thing to cater to more tourists and provide access to the island.

We arrived at the resort and we were immediately welcomed by the staff who handed us cold towels and refreshments. That was really nice. If there is one thing that will catch your attention when you arrive, it would be their INFINITY POOL. I’ll tell more about that later, because we were also very excited to see our Villas. The resort is so clean, it is peaceful, and it’s very lush as the resort is surrounded with so many trees. And, when you look out you have the ocean waving at you. Priceless!


Ocean’s Edge Resort has a total of 46 luxury villas and for our stay, they put us into the Muni-Muni Cliff Villa. We walked down the steps towards our villa and as we opened that door, all I can say is WOW. It was spacious! In addition, I like how the interiors are tastefully done in each of the rooms and most of the usual room amenities are available.

The king size bed was so comfortable and we really had a great sleep. And with it’s spacious rooms, you also got a very spacious bathroom that overlooks the ocean. That for me was awesome!

One of our favorite hang out place in the room was probably our private terrace with the stunning view of the ocean. After every activity we had, we just sat and hung out on the terrace and just relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

Another thing that I liked is the fact that they are working towards eliminating the single plastic use so instead of plastic cups, each guests will be given a glass water bottle that you could refill and take wherever you go. And that’s for free!

Bahandi Clubhouse & Dapit-Hapon Bar Lounge

A relaxing stay is never complete without a sumptuous dining experience. Get to enjoy traditional Filipino favorites, Asian and Intercontinental cuisine prepared by their in-house chef. Most of the ingredients come from their farm close to the resort. They also help local people by sourcing their produce from the farmers and fishermen on the island.

At sunset, it is best to grab some cocktails at the bar lounge and just basically relax, do nothing, and just enjoy everything around you.

Ocean’s Edge Resort Infinity Pool

I love infinity pools and the one at Ocean’s Edge Resort has one of the most picturesque infinity pools I’ve seen. It’s a great place to just relax, read your favorite book and just chill out while getting a tan. I enjoyed just lounging around on the side of the pool and just looking at the view of Tablas Island on the horizon. It was amazing!

If you walk further down the cliff, you will end up on their beach. It’s not as fine but it’s clean and the water is so clear. From above you can tell that it’s a great place to snorkel or dive.

Ocean’s Edge Resort is definitely redefining the luxury people deserve once on the paradise island of Carabao. The staff were really excellent. The location itself was just perfect. The view of the ocean was amazing from the resort.  I love the the very spacious rooms and the bed was so comfortable. The food we had was delicious. Most of all, it’s a place of total relaxation with a touch of luxury! It’s a great experience!

May I also just add that if the weather is clear, you in for a treat of an amazing sunset!


Resort Address

Inihawan, Lanas, San Jose, Carabao Island, Romblon

(+63) 921 581 2353

Reservations & Cebu Office Address:

2nd Floor, Zerenity Hotel, San Miguel Road, Apas, Cebu City

(+63.32) 416 4021

(+63.32) 253 0730

(+63) 908 136 3319 (Viber & WhatsApp)



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