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LINANG NI LK | A Great Place to Relax and Indulge in Lucban Quezon

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Lucban Quezon is known to be a destination for many who are looking for a quick escape from the metro. From food, history, religious sites, there are so many to things to do in this province. This is also home of one of the famous celebrations in the Philippines, the Pahiyas Festival. 

One place that really caught my interest over the internet was this simple nature farm resort located in Lucban which is called LINANG NI LK.

Why Linang ni LK?

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

When I asked the owners, I was told that Linang stands for BUKID and LK stands for Lakwatserong Kusinero, a Social Media name of the famous Chef Janjie or Francis Christian Ocoma.

Coming from a very busy lifestyle travelling all over the country because of nature of his work, he now decided to settle down a bit and focus on turning their acres of land into a simple farm resort which offers a farm to plate type of appetizing and healthy food.

How to get to Linang Ni LK?


1. You can easily use Waze or Google Maps for directions. It’s very easy!


1. Van service
Buendia/ Mall of Asia/ Alabang – Lucban
8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Lucban Town Proper, take trycicle to Linang Ni LK

I arrived  at Linang Ni Lk early in the morning.  I was immediately captivated by the tall palm trees which surround the farm. I appreciated how quiet it was and may I also add that I am loved the cool climate they have here in Lucban.

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

I was welcomed by Chef Janjie later that morning and he directed me to my nipa hut. It has a long table at the bottom where you can eat and chill and an attic bedroom on top. There is no need for air conditioner because the temperature is quite cool. They have a common toilet not far from the hut for bathing and washing.

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

Linang Ni LK also has several rooms depending on the number of guests. They also have a dining area for those who wish to visit for a day and enjoy the environment and the food. 

Now that I was already settled in my nipa hut, I decided to walk around the farm. They have a pond where they grow their own fish, they have a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices growing around the farm. You could even rent and hop on a horse and explore the farm.

As I walked around the farm, I saw this swing overlooking the rice fields. Oh! that was one of my favorite places. I normally spent some time here sitting and just communing with nature. It’s a great place to reflect as well because it’s so quiet and all you could hear are the sounds of the birds.

I went back and I could already smell the food from afar and I could just imagine how delicious the food would be, specially if it’s made by Chef Janjie. The food arrived and I liked how they are being served on a wok and how edible flowers addsed more appeal to the dishes.

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

Chef Janjie recommended that instead of using aspoon and fork, rather used our hands if it’s ok. I had no problem with that so after we prayed, we immediately grabbed some food and indulged. What can I say after, I loved it! I never thought I would finish everything because it looked so much, but couldn’t get over the flavors of each dish. Same thing goes at dinner time, I pigged out.. Lol.

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25) linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

Chef uses natural ingredients mostly coming from the farm and local farmers. He refused to mix any preservatives and uses his own natural recipes in his dishes.

At night, I invited everyone for a drink and just chilled while enjoying the cold and getting to know more about the farm and the people. We had an amazing evening and I felt like I was already part of their family.

linang ni lk farm lucban quezon (25)

I woke up late the next day, and as i looked out the weather looked so good and sun was shining. I walked around the farm again and when I got back, breakfast was ready. It’s so nice to know that Chef Cedie Rick Tamaya whom we met in Coron Palawan was also there with his family that morning and shared breakfast with us.

I love Linang Ni LK because of the peaceful environment and the food was really amazing. I was telling myself that this an ideal place for those people looking to have a quiet time to relax and to those wanting to spend time with nature while indulging in farm to plate dishes!

I personally would love to thank Chef Janjie and his family for this wonderful experience. From the farmers/staff, the cook and to all who made this stay memorable, I shall be seeing you all again soon! So if you are visiting Lucban, Quezon, contact Linang Ni Lk, and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! 

Linang Ni LK Address

Barangay Kalyaat Sitio Pandak 

(Along National Highway Luisiana-Lucban Road, in front of Hermano Pule Shrine)

For Booking and Reservations




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