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Amazing Stay at LANGKAWI YACHT CLUB HOTEL | Langkawi , Malaysia

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A country rich in diverse culture and history, Malaysia is considered one of the most beautiful countries to visit in South East Asia. During our first visit to this country, we decided to visit one of the most famous islands and that is Langkawi Island. It is also considered as a UNESCO Global Geopark

While working on our itinerary in Malaysia, we were looking for a nice place to stay that would maximize our itinerary while on the island and that’s when Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel became our first choice when we saw it on the internet.

To get the best prices and packages, it is advisable to book directly on their website.


Booking was very easy and we received a confirmation right away from their end.  We had our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Lamgkawi booked so that we could leave early in the morning and the flight only took us an hour.  Once we arrived at Langkawi International Airport we hired a Grab taxi to the hotel.


It was very nice drive and Langkawi is blessed with excellent roads and in a few minutes we already arrived at Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel.

The hotel is located on the east corner of the island.There is a Jetty Port, shopping malls, bars and restaurants at Fisherman’s Wharf, all only a few minutes walk from hotel.

I guess one of the best highlights was the view over the marina where you could see yachts of all different sizes. I am not that familiar with some but we were lucky to have found a Super Yacht in there too.


Checking in was also very convenient and the staff were very friendly to us. While waiting for our room, we decided to have some coffee at their restaurant overlooking the marina. It was so relaxing and peaceful!

At around lunch time, we were told that our room was ready and we couldn’t wait to check it out. We were given the card key and off we went to second floor to see our room and the moment we opened the door, we immediately fell in love with it and thought that we were in for a luxurious treat.


Our room was so spacious and very minimalist which we like. The room has a very relaxing feel to it and most room amenities can also be found inside.The interiors were tastefully done to match the Langkawi Yacht Club atmosphere. It really feels very luxurious and we were very  happy.

Our king size bed was so comfortable so expect to have a good sleep. It has big cabinets for your clothes, wi-fi was reliable and fast, toilet and bath was big and shower pressure was excellent.

Aside from the room, one of the best parts of it was the huge balcony with the best view overlooking the marina. This was one of our favorite spots as we can just sit, relax and enjoy the view over a glass of wine.

We really couldn’t get over it!  Watching the sun setting over the marina was a memorable experience.

On a hot day, it’s nice to go down to the pool and just enjoy swimming and lounging on the sun beds and enjoy some of your favorite cocktails and other drinks from their pool bar.

After morning activities touring other sites in Langkawi, we made sure that we had time just to lounge and relax next to the pool and we enjoyed that very much.


What I like about the Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel  is that there is always something to do around the area. It’s a nice place to walk around and I like how attractive looking this wharf is. It’s a perfect place for the family to unwind and just relax while enjoying the marina view.  

Whether you are at the Fisherman’s Wharf of Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel, make sure to not forget to just relax and witness one of the most amazing sunsets overlooking the yachts. It was definitely something else to see and we were fortunate to have witnessed it.

There are so many restaurants and shops to choose from on this wharf. You can choose from international to local dishes, enjoy some ice cold draught beers and cocktails and again, enjoy the sight of the marina that is too difficult to let go.


One bar and restaurant that I highly recommend is the Charlies Bar and Grill. Located right next to and at the ground level of Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel, this restaurant is a great place to eat, drink, chill while listening to some music. We took this photo at  night while waiting for our food. 

We ordered some local Malaysian favorites like the Chicken Curry and the Beef Rendang and I must admit, they were so delicious.

They said that the Beef Rendang was their best seller and I think they are correct! After I tasted it, I immediately fell in love with that dish! One of the best!

The breakfast buffet at the restaurant had a decent food selection from local to international dishes.  It’s not massive but they have enough to keep you full for the entire day. Well that’s how much I ate if it’s a buffet breakfast!

At the end of the day, we made the right choice by starting our holiday at Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel.

The location is perfect for those who are looking to enjoy a relaxing holiday with their loved ones or with the family. The hotel itself is very quiet, it’s safe, and it’s easy to get around to other places of interests around Langkawi.

The staff were very friendly and made sure everyone had a great stay. The rooms we had was amazing and I cannot say anything wrong with it specially with the big balcony and amazing view in front of us.

 We had a great experience at Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel and we were definitely not disappointed that we had made this our hotel of choice on the Island Paradise of LANGKAWI!

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