/Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Carabao Island Romblon

Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Carabao Island Romblon

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For few years now, I’ve heard so many good things about Romblon and each time I plan a trip to this province, they always tell me that I must visit CARABAO ISLAND. I’ve been longing to explore the white sand beaches, meet the local people, and just have a great time and relax. 

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to finally visit and explore some of the amazing places this island has to offer.                     

How to get to Carabao Island? [ The easiest way]

1. Fly to Caticlan, Aklan via CEBU PACIFIC AIR . You can also take Kalibo route and take a van to Caticlan Port. 

2. Take a ride to Caticlan Port and take a boat ride to [Said Port] Carabao Island. Travel time to the island is approximately an hour. It wasn’t that far. 

Where to stay in Carabao Island? 

With more tourists visiting Carabao Island each year, more and more accommodation is being developed and one of them is this luxury resort that was built on a hill offering stunning ocean views called the Ocean’s Edge Resort.


The rooms are very spacious and the bed was so comfortable. I liked that we have a balcony where we could sit and enjoy the view. The sunset here is amazing! 

Guests can swim in and enjoy their infinity pool or snorkel in their ocean. They have a bar where you can enjoy cocktail drinks and feast on their sumptuous local and western cuisine. Ocean’s Edge Resort has definitely brought luxury to the island! 

Island Hopping around Carabao Island

After breakfast at Ocean’s Edge Resort, we walked down to the beach where their boat was waiting for us 

1. Tan Agan Picnic Grove 

When we arrived here, we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking photos while approaching this picnic grove. It was white sand and was so quiet. There are huts available for rent, perfect for any celebrations you may have. In addition,  they also have some places along the beach if you are searching for some Instagrammable shots you’ve always wanted.

Photo Courtesy of Ernie Penaredondo

They have benches in different colors, hammocks where you can relax or read your book, they even have a swing on the beach which was so much fun. It was a short visit but we had a lovely time. 

2. Said Beach

One of the most famous beaches on Carabao Island is probably this one which is only few meters away from the main port of the island. The white sand beach stretches for miles. The beach was so clean and it was quiet. Truly what I call a paradise! There are also cottages, transient houses and small restaurants around the area. But if you love the sun and just want to sun bathe and enjoy the beach without too much of a crowd, this place is for you!

Photo Courtesy of Ernie Penaredondo

One of the iconic natural wonders of Said Beach is this leaning coconut tree pointing towards the ocean. It was a statement! Tourists love climbing on this tree to get their photos taken as a good remembrance of the wonderful time they had on Carabao Island. 

3. Cathedral Cave Cliff Jumping

One of the most interesting activities on Carabao Island is the cliff diving at the Cathedral Cave. In addition, there is also a small cave that is worth seeing. Half-way back, they will also take you to a small lagoon where you can swim and freshen up. 

After that trip to the cave, I decided to go on a cliff dive. It doesn’t look high when you look from the boat, but once you are up there on the platform, my knees started to rattle a bit. Lol… But I have to jump since many people are watching… I had no choice! haha! Right after that , I climbed backed up again and jumped some more! I had a great time! 

Any one who visits Carabao Island, would definitely have the best time of their life. A lot of people say it is the next Boracay, but I think if they are able to preserve the natural beauty of the island, the I think it has a great chance to surpass Boracay in the near future. It’s easy to get the island, and you can see that roads are being built for easy transportation.

So many people now are looking for places less traveled where they can relax and have a quiet time, I guess I am one of them and Carabao Island is soon to hit the charts! I am very optimistic about that!


Photo Courtesy of Ernie Penaredondo

I would like to personally thank and feel very privileged to be one of the media that was invited by the Department of Tourism – MIMAROPA in partnership with the Local Government UnitsCebu Pacific Air and Dream Favor Travel and Tours to explore Carabao Island. From then, all I could think of was the beautiful and unspoiled beaches they have, the culture, food and so much more. I was very excited!

Watch the video made my Joel Jaws Andrada during his adventure to Carabao Island

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