/FILLING STATION Bar Cafe | A Must-Eat Diner in Poblacion Makati
filling station diner poblacion makati

FILLING STATION Bar Cafe | A Must-Eat Diner in Poblacion Makati

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With so many restaurants and bars to choose from on the bustling streets of Poblacion, Makati, one restaurant/diner stood out among the rest with it’s attention-grabbing neon lit facade that and that is the FILLING STATION BAR CAFE.

I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a long time and since we had some friends from New Zealand visiting, what a better way to cap off their trip than a nice restaurant in the city and we thought of Filling Station in Poblacion Makati.

While waiting for the sunset, we decided to have some cocktails at City Garden Hotel. I remembered this hotel because we stayed here before. This is also where we parked our car for the night. After a few cocktails at Encyma Rooftop Bar while waiting for sunset and city lights,  we then started our very short walk to P. Burgos where you will find this eye-catching luminous diner called Filling Station. It’s so pretty and inviting, everybody who sees it will definitely want to give this diner a try.


If you find the outside interesting, wait till you get inside the diner. It was unbelievable! When we walked up to the diner, we were shocked by what we saw. The amount of detail that was put into this diner was over the top and at the same time beautiful.

Filling Station Diner 50’s Vibe

This place would definitely bring you back to the 50s era where vintage cars, the interiors, old posters, other collections, they were immense. So I would advise, before you sit, do walk around and just appreciate the bits of history that surround this diner.

It wasn’t too busy when we arrived so we got a seatt very easily. They handed us the menu and can I just that all the dishes looked delicious. May I also add that the staff were also very friendly and always smiling. That makes a difference too overall!

We ordered some Long Island Teas to start with and other cocktails. Then we decided, instead of ordering main courses, to order a selection of the best starters they could offer.

Filling Station’s Starters

We asked them about their best selling appetizers they’ve got and told us the following. I must admit at first that maybe it wasn’t enough but when we saw the servings specially the nachos, we felt that this was enough to fill our tummies and it did. They all tasted so good!

Check out their MENU : Click here!


Loaded Potato Skins – Php  263.00

Shanghai Rolls – Php 238.00

All Star Nachos – Php 418.00

Chilli Poppers – Php 308.00


All of them were really delicious and filling specially with the nachos. Great flavor over-all! We really enjoyed every bite! So in addition, we decided to order some desserts to share.

Filling Stations Dessert

These two desserts were really delicious! It’s really a great way to cap off your dining experience at Filling Station. And so before we checked out, we ordered the two best sellers.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes – Php 135.00

Double Choco Tower – Php 165.00

I am so pleased I was able to visit this awesome place in Poblacion Makati. And I am so happy that we found the right place because our visitors were very impressed with what they’ve seen and so were we. No wonder more and more people are visiting this place everyday, it’s not just that they have an amazing place but the also have amazing food to feast on! Best time to visit and dine? Night time! 

So when in Poblacion, Makati, a trip to Filling Station is highly recommended!

Check out this video from Paolo Fernandez



5012 P. Burgos St. (23.70 km) 1210 Makati

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