/A Scenic Drive from Hue to Da Nang with HURA CARS

A Scenic Drive from Hue to Da Nang with HURA CARS

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After exploring the beautiful town of Hue, the next part of our adventure was going to one of the major cities in Vietnam and that is Da Nang, famous for its stunning beaches and one of a kind bridges.  There’s so much to do in Da Nang it was difficult for us not to visit it, especially when the distance from Hue to Da Nang is just around 2 to 3 hours away. We were browsing on the internet for the best possible way to get from Hue to Da Nang by car and then we saw HURA CARS,  a private car service that would take us to scenic places en route to our destination. We immediately contacted them and with easy email communication, we booked their services that would take us to Da Nang. It was stress-fee and we couldn’t wait for our scenic drive!


Hura Cars provides online booking facilities for last-minute and year round reservations. Hue private cars rentals for major destinations throughout Vietnam such as Transfer between Hue and Hoi An, Hue to Phong Nha cave, Hoi An and Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi and Ha Long. Their stated mission is offering flexible travelers a quick and easy way to get better deals on Car Rental in Vietnam

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From the hostel in Hue, we were picked up by Mr. Tuan, who was our tour guide and at the same time our driver for that afternoon. His English was also very good, very friendly and a very informative guy. En route to Da Nang, he told us that we would be going via some scenic places before we arrived at our destination.

The car was a Toyota Sedan, very spacious and clean inside. There is also Wi-Fi on board making communications and updating your Instagram and Facebook.  Water bottles are also available for guests if you feel thirsty during the trip. We were really impressed!

Hura Car Services (Hue-Danang)

Free wifi hotspot on car
English speaking driver (basic English)
Bottled Water
Clean and new car
Drop off at your hotel in Hue city center


  • Departure time is flexible, theyy recommend beginning at 9:00 am.
  • Baby seats are available on request if advised at time of booking.

Lap An Lagoon

Our first stop was the picturesque Lap An Lagoon. When we arrived the weather was a bit hazy but I could just imagine this lagoon on a clear day where the mountain is reflected in the calm waters of Lap An offering a relaxing and a scenic view making this lagoon very famous for tourists. In addition, one famous spot here is the sand bar where tourists can walk around and it is also considered as a famous backdrop for pre-nup photos. They also have restaurants on the side where you can enjoy local cuisine and a dose of that delicious Vietnamese coffee. 

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Hai Van Pass

After the Lan An Lagoon, we drove to our next scenic destination called the Hai Van Pass. This 21-km hillside road connects Hue to Da Nang. It was an interesting drive, the view as you climb up was stunning. It was very lush, water streams on the side of the road. As we climbed up, suddenly we came across heavy fog and that made it more dramatic. The blind curves, corners, steep roads made everything more fun and interesting.  If you find something interesting, you can always ask the driver to stop for photos…no rush, just enjoy every moment! 

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Hai Van Gate

Found 490 meters above sea level, you will find a National Relic Site they call Hai Van Gate. Built in 1826, the gate was built under the Nguyen Dynasty to protect the Hue Imperial City. When we arrived, it was misty adding to the dramatic atmosphere of the whole place. Though Hai Van Gate is considered as one of the most visited tourist spots in Vietnam, we were lucky that there was not many people when we arrived and we enjoyed the place to the fullest. It was a very interesting place to visit specially as it contributed to Vietnam’s history under Nguyen Dynasty. 

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Long Co Bay & KM 86 – Hai Van Coast Line

From the Hai Van Gate, we started our descent since we were not far away from Da Nang. We stopped to see another beautiful island that is connected by a bridge along Hai Van Pass. When I saw the the beach, we already thought of our dogs playing on the sand and swimming on the beach. Whoever lives here are so lucky! Another coastline can be seen a few minute drive from Lang Co Bay to another long and beautiful coast line known as KM 86. Once there, there is a hut where you can sit and take stunning photos of the coast. It looks so peaceful and if only we had more time, I would love to go down there and swim. 


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After few hours exploring the picturesque Hai Van route, we finally arrived at Da Nang Golden Bay Hotel which served as our home for 2 nights. We were very happy that we found Hura Cars to take us to our destination. They were very professional and it was very easy to communicate with them via Whatsapp just in case we had more queries. Thanks to Hura Cars, we really had had an awesome trip and we never thought we would be able to see more of Vietnam. So if you are thinking of the best way to get from Hue to Da Nang, Hura Cars is highly recommended!


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