/TIGER LEAF Asian Cuisine at Evia Lifestyle Center

TIGER LEAF Asian Cuisine at Evia Lifestyle Center

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LAS PIÑAS CITY | Having the opportunity to travel around South East Asia, you also begin to love its cuisine. Each country has their own taste, blend and character. From time to time, I do long for some authentic Asian cuisine and I think I found one restaurant in Las Piñas that satisfies that longing, TIGER LEAF at Evia Lifestyle Center!

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After this first visit, I told myself that I had to return and try more of the food at Tiger Leaf. So, I asked a friend to accompany me to a show at the new IMAX 4D Laser at Evia Cinema and dine the Tiger Leaf. He liked the idea so I found myself back at the Tiger Leaf. Along the strip of restaurants at Evia Lifestyle Center, this is definitely one of the most inviting place to dine and if you life Asian Cuisine, this is the best place to go.
The moment we walked in, I felt like I was truly in the heart of Asia. I love how the colors play with the imagination, transporting and stimulating your palate in preparation for the vibrant taste of Asian cuisine. The vivid colors of the lanterns create a very oriental feel plus the intricate ceramic floor tiles  which reminded me of when we were in Vietnam. Everywhere you look at, there is always something interesting to see and something that is very Asian. It’s a lovely place to dine and a great place to be inspired.

Tiger Leaf Menu

Such a appetizing menu to start with. They have some of the favorite Asian dishes and,looking at the prices, it’s pretty reasonable.
While thinking of what to order, a complimentary shrimp crackers served along with a vinaigrette on the side.

Tiger Leaf’s Sangria

For our drinks, we decided to order the Sangria. It is basically red wine mixed with fruits and other juices and on a very hot day, it’s very refreshing.

Tiger Leaf’s MOJITO

You can never go wrong with a glass of Mojito. With a combination of rum, mint, lime, sugar and soda water, it is a great drink to enjoy specially tropical weather.


But what we were really waiting for was our main dish. My friend, ordered a Chicken Satay with rice and dips on the side. I appreciated the presentation and the the peanut butter sauce was very tasty. It’s a delicious dish and it does taste like the real Chicken Satay we tasted when we were in Thailand.

Tiger Leaf’s PAD THAI

This stir-fry dish with rice noodles, shrimp, tofu, egg, lime, peanuts, and sprouts is a very famous dish in Thailand. And when we visited Bangkok few years ago, it’s the first dish I fell in love with – PAD THAI. Tiger Leaf gave justice to this dish because it was amazingly delicious! The serving was good enough for sharing, but I wasn’t able to share because I finished the whole thing. This will always be my ultimate favorite!
At the end of the day, we were really so happy that we found this place. Since it is only a few minutes’ drive away from our home, it’s a place that we could easily get to if we are longing for good Asian food, Tiger Leaf is really one of the best place to eat at Evia Lifestyle Center and maybe even in the South of Metro Manila. Our bill came to around Php 1700.00 for the Satay, Pad Thai, Sangria and Mojito. But for service and the quality food we experienced, it was totally worth the visit and worth every penny!

Tiger Leaf Restaurant Contact Number

0945 329 6199
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