/EUDES CORREIA Art Workshop at The 9th Studios Creative Hub Makati City

EUDES CORREIA Art Workshop at The 9th Studios Creative Hub Makati City

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MAKATI CITY | Few days ago, I received a call inviting me to attend a demo presentation workshop by the Brazilian Master Watercolorist, Eudes Correia. I checked his paintings online and I was really impressed by his artwork so I decided to accept the invitation extended to me by Ms. Lissa Del Valle .

Located in San Lorenzo, Makati, the Portugal based watercolor artist ran a 3 day workshop organized by The 9th Studios Creative Hub and on its last day, they invited the media and bloggers who share a passion and love for the arts. 

What is The 9th Studios Creative Hub? 

The 9th Studios, Inc. is Makati’s newest indoor creative hub. It is a dance rehearsal studio and a multi-purpose hall right at the heart of the Makati CBD. Whether it be dance, yoga and other fitness programs, creative learning sessions like painting classes etc. , theater rehearsals and workshops, seminars or even celebrations. 9th Studio is a hub that let’s you pursue what makes you happy. 

9th studios creative hub makati city

Together with other participants, the presentation started at exactly 1:00 pm and Artist Eudes Correia already started doing his painting. Everybody kept a watchful eye as he moved his brushes and created a masterpiece. While he was painting he was also talking to the participants and provide insightful tips that will definitely help and improve their skills in watercolor painting. One of the things that he said that stuck in my mind which I somehow find true. 

It’s a disaster to paint without wine or music – Eudes Correia

The participants were so lucky to have attended the event and during the presentation, you can see their artworks on the walls and they all looked amazing! 

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That afternoon, Eudes Correia did two demonstration paintings. The first painting he did was one of his students during the workshop. The other painting was one of the photos he took on one of his previous travels.

As an amateur artist, watching him paint really inspired me to work on improving my skills in watercolor painting – Melanie Pagcaliwagan 

Eudes Correia creates stunning portraits of ordinary people that you normally see everyday and with his natural talent and watercolor techniques, turns them into one of the most stunning artwork you could ever find using watercolors. Based on his stories,  he just snaps a photo and started painting them from there. Once you see his paintings, it was like you would love to have an opportunity to be painted by him. His watercolor art is indeed one of the best I’ve seen! 

[easy-image-collage id=8262]

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As Eudes said, for us to improve , we just need to keep on practicing and do it on a regular basis wherever you may be. I am so pleased to have have been invited and get to meet Eudes Correia in person and see for myself how he makes stunning paintings using watercolor. It made me love painting even more and explore more of what else I can do to improve myself in this craft.  Thank you The 9th Studio Creative Hub for this wonderful experience!


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