/COVE 88 DIVE RESORT – An Ideal Place to Dive and Relax in Bauan Batangas

COVE 88 DIVE RESORT – An Ideal Place to Dive and Relax in Bauan Batangas

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BAUAN BATANGAS | As I was looking for diving resorts in Batangas to spend my weekend, I found the 88 DIVE RESORT which was formerly known as Bus Stop Dive Resort in Bauan Batangas and that is. With so many affordable beach resorts in Batangas, you will find a lot here in the Binukbok Bauan Area where you can find so many different activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving and just simply to relax.
I inquired directly through their page and found that they have rooms available so I decided to book a night stay with the excitement of doing a fun dive knowing that Bauan is a famous destination for scuba diving because of the school of jacks.
Coming from Imus, Cavite, I decided to bring my car and drove straight to Balite in San Luis Batangas via Tagaytay and Lemery. Using Waze navigation system also helped. I left home at 4:00 am and arrived at the Summer Cruise Parking Lot in San Luis Batangas at 7:00 am . But if you are planning to take local transport, it is also very easy.

HOW TO GET TO (Cove 88 Dive Resort) in Bauan Batangas?

1. Take DLTB or JAM Liner at Buendia or Cubao to Lemery [Php200]
2. Ask the driver to drop you off at Xentro Mall Lemery or at the Terminal
3. Take a tricycle to Barangay Balite [Php150- Php200]
4. Ask the driver to drop you off at Summer Cruise Parking A


It was very early and I was the first guest to arrive so I was able to take photos of everything I wanted before it became too busy. During my stay, I had the TREE TOP ROOM which is good for 2 -3 pax. In total Bus Stop Dive resort has 11 rooms that can be converted from Fan to Air conditioned Rooms. But the the cool breeze from the sea is kept everything cool so I opted for a Fan Room.
When I rrived inside the room, I really appreciated how clean the room looked. The bed was very firm and the pillows were really soft and comfortable. I really had a great sleep. Most of the time my windows were open so I could get the breeze and closed it at night just to avoid any mosquitoes coming in. But during my stay it was quite chilly and windy and I didn’t feel any mosquitoes at all. But always have your repellent ready just in case. Each room also has a nice and spacious toilet and bath.
After I put all my stuff in the room, I walked around and asked them if I could also check the other rooms. Though Bus Stop Dive Resort only has 11 rooms, most of the rooms can accommodate even a group because of the number of beds and double decker beds they have in one room. And while I was walking, I kept telling them that I really appreciated how simple and clean each room looked.

If rooms are fully-booked, GLAMPING is a great option. Glamping tents are normally set up on this bamboo wooden platform overlooking the sea. If there are no tents, it’s already a great place to just chill.
If you love coffee, you are going to enjoy the complimentary Batangas BARAKO Coffee all day and night. I think I had more than 10 cups during my entire stay. It was one of the best batangas barako coffee I tasted.

COVE 88 DIVE RESORT RATES as of March 2019

1,500/head/night for Glamping
2,300/head/night for Fan Room
2,800/head/night for AC Room
Boat Pick Up Check is from 7:00 am to 9:00 am

Check out drop off is from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

SCUBA and FREE DIVING in Bauan Batangas

As mentioned Bauan Batangas is becoming a famous tourist spot in Batangas specially for those who wanted to Discover Scuba or Free Diving in Batangas. And since I already had a PADI Open Water License, I decided to join a group who are going to dive for the first time. They were very excited to experience it and I myself was excited for them as well.
Cyril started the briefing at at exactly 1:00 pm in the afternoon with regards to the basics of scuba diving, explaining how the BCD or Bouyancy Control Device works and hand signals underwater. The weather was really good and the sea was very calm during that time.  I was very excited to dive!
After the briefing, we immediately put on our wet suits, and off we walked to the beach. As a scuba diver it is always good to dive with a buddy. Never dive alone or unguided. So during the dive, I had Jack or JD as my dive buddy.
Scuba Diving in Bauan Batangas really never fails to impress me. Though we didn’t see the school of jacks, there’s always something new to be seen. I am also so happy that after the 8th time, I was able to finally get my Bouyancy right. It was difficult to get it right for the first as others would say but with the proper weights I felt like I was flying and was able to really make it right this time. I was so happy!
Photo take by Faye Taboada
In a shallow depth, we saw a lot of nudibranchs. I have ever seen one this big but it was amazing and I really spent time just staring at this beautiful little creature.
You will also find a lot of clown fish around which is one of my favorite fish to see when I dive.
Also to my surprise I found a LION FISH swimming freely along the coral reef. It was beautiful but of course we need to be mindful that this fish is poisonous so always keep your distance.
Since I had enough air in my tank, I decided to go for another dive. And yeah it was always amazing!
At the end of the day, with the sun slowly setting, we were stunned with an amazing sunset and a beautiful cloud formation. A nice way to wrap up what a beautiful day this had been.
I am so pleased that I found this diving resort in Bauan Batangas. With the type of accommodation, service, food and the whole experience this is definitely to be considered one of the more affordable diving resorts in Batangas specially in Bauan. This is also a great place to relax specially if you are looking for a quick escape from the city since Bauan is only 3-4 hrs away from Metro Manila. While I was still at Bus Stop Dive Resort, I was already planning my next trip. Can’t wait to go back! Thank you for a very memorable experience and see you again soon!

Watch the video I made using Quik Story of Bus Stop Dive Resort

COVE 88 DIVE Resort Contact Number

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