/LUKS LOFTS HOTEL | A Must Experience Luxury Hotel in Batangas City

LUKS LOFTS HOTEL | A Must Experience Luxury Hotel in Batangas City

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BATANGAS CITY | If you are searching for a romantic place to bring your loved ones, there is Luks Lofts Hotel in Batangas City. I’ve being seeing this in magazines and travel channels but I never thought that this is where I’d be spending my birthday.
It all started as a surprise when my partner told me that we would be staying somewhere in Batangas but he wasn’t telling me where. On the day of my birthday we drove to Batangas City for a night before heading to Puerto Galera where I would be doing my Open Water Dive certification. I had no idea where we were going until the moment we made a turn, it was LUKS LOFTS HOTEL! I was so overwhelmed!
The very futuristic looking structure stands unique amongst the rest of the hotels around Batangas City. The moment you walk in, we felt like were transported into the future. Checking in was easy and in a few minutes we were on our way to see what our room was like. I was so excited!
Walking through the corridors, I felt like I was walking into the future. It was white, bright and futuristic.


When you check-in you will not be given a key card, instead they use fingerprint scanning and facial recognition for you to enter to your room. No knobs because once your face has been recognized, it will automatically open. I really find all the high technology incorporated in this hotel one notch higher compared to other hotels around Batangas. In fact there is nothing like it elsewhere!
The room can accommodate 4 adults plus 2 children. Anything in excess means additional charge.


The moment the door slid open, we saw the our loft and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.  You have your own living room area, kitchen, dining area, and so much more. Each room is meticulously designed with a contemporary look and uses modern technology. Everything in the room is connected and can be controlled by one touch of a button.
Adding to the whole experience, there is no need to call someone if you want to make an order because everything you need is right at your finger tips with their DIGITAL BUTLER . You can control everything in the room from the television and a tablet provided inside the room. You can even have a look at their in room dining menu from the screen or on the tablet pc. That was amazing actually! We clicked to order a bottle of wine and in a few minutes, the doorbell rang and our wine arrived. Amazing!
Next to the living room area, you also have a full kitchen and  a very elegant dining area for 4 pax  providing an intimate dining experience.
Located on the second floor of the loft overlooking the indoor swimming pool, you have these two super comfortable memory foam mattresses, super soft pillows, summer duvets and plush blankets that will ensure you have a good night’s sleep. They also have a digital blinds that can be controlled by the tablet if you need more privacy.
But what makes this luxury stay more fun is that you have your own private jet pool inside your room. The moment you open the door, you will be welcomed by this jet pool with different sets of jets and waves and it also changes to different colors that can add more fun to the party. Water temperature can also be set depending on your liking but I preferred it warm.
Because they know that there is going to be a celebration, they added blue (my favorite color) balloons on the stairs to make the room more festive.

Next to your the jet pool, turn up the heat, sweat it out  and relax at the indoor Finnish wood sauna that is found in all of the rooms inside Luks Lofts Hotel.


Luks Loft Hotel also has a restaurant that allows walk-in and inhouse guests to get to experience luxury dining from local and international dishes. With the use of modern technology, you can choose the food and beverages that you want from the tablet pc similar to the one you find in your rooms.
The restaurant is very futuristic and yet very elegant. I loved the golden touch and detail around the restaurant but since we have our own dining area we decided to have our sumptuous meal in our room.
Because it was a special evening, we requested a 3-course meal ordered from their menu. I liked the selection and all of them sounded really good.
After a few a minutes while watching tv and enjoying our drinks, our food arrived and itsmelled really good! We had a variety of food and can I just say it all tasted really good. The Ceasar salad was well seasoned, my favorite Sweet and Sour pork was flavorful and tender and my Lemon Meringue was a taste of heaven!
As we were enjoying our dinner, the staff came in and presented a nice chocolate fondant cake. That was very sweet of them to remember and make my birthday even more special.

Luks Lofts Hotel Jet Pool Inside The Room

After a nice dinner, time to put on our swimwear (optional) , turn on the jet stream,turn the music up and time to party. It was an amazing evening with friends and it was nice that there was a nice swimming pool right inside your room. You can dim the lights if you want and adjust the pool lights to add more romance to the whole evening. And to be honest, I find it all very sexy.
After a nice evening swimming, partying, drinking and more. I really didn’t want to leave yet but we had to have an early morning to catch the first boat to Puerto Galera. But what an amazing experience we had at Luks Lofts Hotel. Our room was definitely something else. I love the whole concept of the hotel. Thank you for making my Birthday very special and to the staff for their hospitality during our entire stay. 

Luks Loft Hotel Room Rates 

Php 18,000 – Php 26,000.00
You may also check their website for promos and updated rates:

Luks Lofts Hotel Address

Joseling Road, Pallocan West, 
Batangas City, Philippines 4200 

Luks Lofts Hotel Phone Number

+63 43 302 1000

Video Source: https://www.facebook.com/lukslofts2015/

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