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Things To Do and Visit in AMSTERDAM [DAY TOUR]

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AMSTERDAM NETHERLANDS | f I was asked whether there was one European country that I would want to see, AMSTERDAM is definitely on the list. So during our Grand European tour back in 2016, I was really lucky that a visit to Amsterdam was one of the first cities we visited.
amsterdam tourist attractions
After exploring some places in the United Kingdom, we went on a campervan trip to beautiful places in Europe. From the UK, we took the STENA LINE from Harwich to Hoek van Holland.  We were fortunate enough to travel on the Britannica which is one of the largest super ferries in the world.  Our first stop was a campsite at  Duinhorst which was close to our port of arrival.  We spent only one night there and moved on the next day to our next campsite which was closer to Amsterdam.


www.campingzeeburg.nl | Zuider IJdijk 201095 KN Amsterdam | (+31)20 694 4430 | [email protected]
I’ve never really been to a campsite before but when in Europe, it seems to a big thing and I and I soon found out why – because the camping sites are stunning and Zeeburg is an awesome camping site. Camping Zeeburg is very central making it very easy to go in and around the city. While in Amsterdam, this was our home for 2 days before we went on our next adventure.
Reception Area
The camp site is open all year round and it is actually a fun place to be.  During summer time, expect the place to be full. It is a very famous camping site and there are a lot of activities for everyone.
Playground for  the kids


https://www.madurodam.nl/en  | George Maduroplein 1 2584 RZ The Hague, the Netherlands | T +31 70 41 624 00 | E [email protected] | Ticket Prices
Netherlands is really a beautiful country and there are so many places and things to do and you need a whole lot more than one day. But Madurodam is one place close in Amsterdam where you can see all the scenic places and the vibrant history of this country in less than a day!
madurodam in hague netherlands
When you arrive inside, you will find miniature replicas of some famous landmarks that are found all around the Netherlands. It was pretty interesting and kind of overwhelming as well because they all looked amazing and the attention to detail was spot on.
During summertime, though we were not able to find the real tulips, but we were able to see beautiful flowers that grow around the area.
Amsterdam is a city full of bicycles. They are everywhere and considered a major part of the transportation system. When crossing the street, looked to your right or left because I’ve seen tourists being hit by bicycles so just be very careful.

Ride on a HOP ON HOP OFF Bus Tour 

Another way of exploring the city is by doing a hop on and off bus tour. You can purchase tickets on their website and you can enjoy a 24 hour or 48 hour bus tour so you can see more of what this city has to offer.
The Hop On Hop Off buses have several drop off points around the city. So what  we did was we hopped off at one destination and walked around the city and caught the other buses later to a different destination.


Amsterdam is surrounded by canals which date back in the 17th century. They are so pretty and really considered as one of the major tourist attractions in the city. I like the fact that a tour guide is also on the boat providing interesting trivia about the city. It really was a wonderful experience and I loved the vibrant charm of this city.
Along with these canals, you will find old bridges that until now are being used and still well preserved. During the canal tour, you will also notice some boathouses or structures built on the side of the canal. I was really impressed because they look so beautiful and each is like a work of art.
One of the favorite and picturesque destinations that the cruise will take you is the 7 Bridges Amsterdam. And after seeing it, now I know why! It was simply stunning!


Aside from sight seeing, one place you should visit is the GASSAN DIAMONDS. With the FREE GUIDED TOUR, you will learn how diamonds are polished in different cuts.   The tour starts at 9:00 am and will last around 40 minutes. You can also book online too, ahead of time which was very convenient.
You can even see the people really working on the diamonds and it was amazing to see the craftsmanship of these people.
gassan diamonds amsterdam tour
Tourists could also have the option to buy some jewellery after the guided tour. How I wish I had enough cash!

Visit ANNE FRANK House

Aside from the beautiful places that can be found in this beautiful city. Amsterdam also is famous because of this one girl who wrote her experiences while in hiding during the holocaust. Her diary  was loved by so many people all around the world and now there is museum built for her here in Amsterdam where she used to live and went into hiding.
We tried to go inside but the queue was just so long. Tickets can be purchased online which is easier. So for me, though I wasn’t able to get inside the house. At least, I was able to see one of the very historical landmarks in Amsterdam.

Try on some CLOGS

If there is one souvenir item that you must take home with you from Amsterdam, that would be the clogs. This wooden footwear is so unique and yet widely used mainly in farming as protective shoes. Yet, from there people noticed how cool clogs are because they come in different colors and designs. You can actually get a real pair of clogs or you can also get a fridge magnet. Either way, they are a great souvenirs from Amsterdam!
wear clogs from holland


Aside from getting yourself a wooden clog, might as well check this beautiful porcelain pottery items from Royal Delft. When looking at each piece, you can really see the intricate detail and the elegance of each  pieces. It’s difficult not to bring a Delft item home. So in the end, we bought ourselves a Delft Clog.
delft blue pottery amsterdam

Walk around DAM SQUARE

Since you are already in the city of Amsterdam, might as well walk to the very center which is called the Dam Square, a bustling area with so many activities and street performers. Shops are all over the place and plenty of places to eat too.

Look for some Tulips at the FLOWER MARKET in AMSTERDAM

https://www.amsterdam.info/shopping/flowermarket/ | Singel 630 to 600 1017 AZ   Amsterdam
If there is one flower I wanted to see in Amsterdam, that would be the HOLLAND TULIPS. Unfortunately, during our visit, we were not able to see a real one but a visit to the flower market is a must. Aside from tulips, you will also find other flowers that I’ve never seen ever. The variety and the colors were just overwhelming.  The Amsterdam Flower Market is located on the Singel canal between the Koningsplein and the Muntplein.


Just right across the flower market, you will also find restaurants, coffee shops, and of course, cheese shops where the best Dutch cheeses can be found. Once you enter a shop, you will find cheeses all around you and what is nice is that you will be able to try some of the cheeses for free as well. And I can assure you, they really have some of the best cheese you could ever taste!
try some holland cheese
Now that we had spent some time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and a tempting taste of the Netherlands, it was off to our next destination, Germany!
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