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jj backpackers village siquijor island

JJ’s BACKPACKERS VILLAGE San Juan | Siquijor Island

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SIQUIJOR ISLAND | If there is one island that is now becoming very famous for backpackers, it would be Siquijor Island. More than the Filipino tourists, I’ve observed that there are more foreign tourists on the island and most of them are backpackers. You often see them with huge travel bags, some of them with a scooter exploring the island.

Where to stay in Siquijor?

Out of the many places backpackers choose in Siquijor, JJ”s Backpackers is one of them. Located along San Juan in Siquijor, JJ’s Backpackers is one of the many resorts found in the area.
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jjs backpackers village siquijor

From the port area, you can take a 30 minute habal-habal ride all the way to JJ’s for around 100-150 pesos depending on your agreement with the habal-habal driver.
where to stay in siquijor
Reception Area of JJ’s Backpackers Village. This is one of my favorite places to hang out. Just grab a bottle of beer and have a chat with some of the backpackers and relax if it’s too hot on the beach.
All the information that you need to know can be found at reception, from tickets to boat schedules and I like that they are there to help you with everything.
Instead of bringing back the books, some guests decided to just leave it at the resort and let other book-lovers enjoy what they’ve read.
Inside of JJ’s Backpackers Village was a surprise as it was so beautiful and clean. Leave your shoes or flip flops behind as the sand was so fine. I just lovde walking on it. They also have a beautiful garden that is maintained on an almost daily basis.

JJ’s Backpackers Village Beachfront

One of the things I loved the most at JJ”s Backpackers Village is the beachfront. It was one of the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time. The palm trees surrounding the resort creates a very relaxing atmosphere. Just what I was looking for in a vacation.
When I arrived at JJ’s Backpackers Village, I didn’t know that I arrived a day early. So I asked if they had an extra room available, sadly there was none. They asked me if it’s ok to stay in a tent right at the beach… I told myself that was fun so I said ok with it just for a night.
TENT: Php 250.00 /night
cheap accommodation siquijor
Inside the tent, they provide you with a mattress and a pillow. I really enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed camping specially if you have the view of the beach in front of you and you step right onto some of the finest sand there is.
After my afternoon tour of the island, I went back to see the sunset from the resort and what a sight to see.
beautiful sunset in siquijor
After witnessing the sunset, JJ’s Backpackers is also so beautiful at night. It was so quiet and it was lovely just to sit and relax at the tables set up outside. Some guests were also very friendly which led to a lovely evening!

JJ’s Backpackers Village offers nice home-made breakfasts. Enjoy a nice brewed coffee and you must try their home-made bread. Order in advance because they make it from scratch. But I am telling you, it’s worth the wait.
The resort do not have toilet and baths inside their rooms. Instead, they have a common toilet and bath outside.

JJ Backpackers Village Rates

The following day, I moved to my own room. Inside was just bed, a fan and some cabinets to put your clothing. It was very simple, clean and comfortable. And for it’s price, it’s not bad at all.
Room Price: Php 700.00 
where to stay in siquijor island
Dormitory [6 Beds] – Php 350.00/bed with Fan
Double Room [2 pax] – Php 700.00
Twin Room  [2 pax]- Php 600.00
On my last day, I learned to leave my phone in the room and just enjoy everything around me. It was amazing to make friends with other backpackers and learn a little bit of their culture. JJ’s Backpackers Village was definitely the right choice for me. The place was so well-maintained, the beachfront was stunning, and most of all, value for money!
amazing sunset in Siquijor Island

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