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Just N’ Caits Chili Garlic in Olive Oil

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Aside from travelling, food is something I can’t ignore…and if there is one condiment I enjoy mixing with my food, it would be something special. A lot of us don’t really enjoy spicy food specially in the Philippines but that is now becoming a misconception as more and more people are getting hooked with food that contains chili.
One of my personal favorites is a chili garlic sauce, that is why when a friend of mine gave me this Chili Garlic in Olive Oil by Just N’ Cait’s, I couldn’t resist giving it a try.
Made from fresh spices and herbs, this Chili Garlic uses Bird’s Eye Chili that is very common in Asia specially in the Philippines. Knowing the health benefits of this Chili, it also mixed with Garlic and Olive oil also known for their own health benefits. So I basically have with me spices that are packed with health benefits.

What I like about this Chili Garlic in Olive Oil is that you can use it any food. To add more flavor and spice to your food, all you need is very little and you will already taste the difference it makes.

One day I decided to mix it with our Quinoa which we thoroughly enjoyed. After that, we made sure that we mix this chili garlic in our every day dishes. It has the right balance of spice and garlic that we like and I am sure that this will also pass the Filipino taste test.
Aside from the food that we prepare at home, we also mix this chili garlic in our takeaways. We bought these fries and chicken from a fast food place and instead of putting gravy with it, we decided to add the Chili Garlic instead which made it more satisfying.
This chili garlic in olive oil really made a difference with our every day meal and I am sure this is something you will also enjoy.
In general, we really love this product Chili Garlic in Olive Oil of Just N’ Cait’s! As mentioned before, it has the right balance of spice and garlic. We find it very addictive making it part of our everyday meal at home. It is also mixed with olive oil that is known to have a lot of health benefits. And most of all, it is very affordable for everyone to try!
Retail Price: Php 120.00 per bottle
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