/8 Things To Do in CORON, PALAWAN

8 Things To Do in CORON, PALAWAN

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On our recent trip to Coron, Palawan with our guests from South Africa,we decided to create a 4 day itinerary, that would make the most out of their holidays on this paradise.
coron palawan philippines

We started our adventure by booking ourselves into one of the best resorts in Coron and that is The Funny Lion. Although this is not that close to the beach, the view and the accommodation are really superb.
funny lion hotel coron palawan
On our first day, we basically just lounged at the hotel and enjoyed the swimming, ordered cocktails just to relax us for the adventure ahead.


If you want to see a beautiful view of Coron Town, you can climb hundreds of steps to the summit of Mt. Tapyas. Once you reach the top, you will find a huge cross facing the town and during the night, the cross is lit up as well.


Your trip to Coron is never complete without doing an island hopping tour. To make our task easier, we decided to ask the hotel to organize the island hopping tour. So on our second day, we had a nice breakfast at the hotel, and they arranged a van to take us to town to catch our boat.
Island Hopping Tour – Php 2800.00 per person on a private boat of 5 people. Including all the entrance fees for all the places and a simple fresh lunch prepared by the boatmen. 
The rock formations as you approach the island never ceases to amaze no matter how often you visit.
The first destination where we did some snorkeling was at the TWIN LAGOONS.
twin lagoon coron palawan
After spending some time in the twin lagoons, we informed the boatmen that we were ready for lunch. For our luncheon, they took us to CALACHUCHI BEACH. This beach is so beautiful and since we arrived a bit early, we had the whole place to ourselves. It was truly paradise!
calachuchi beach coron palawan
Lunch is being served and hats off to the boatmen who prepared the food for us.
After eating, we swam in these crystal clear water and caught up on our tans.  A few minutes after, the boatmen called us and told us that we were going to go snorkeling right in front of Calachuchi Beach.
And as for our last destination on the island hopping tour, your trip to Coron is not complete if you haven’t visited this very famous and cleanest lake in the country, KAYANGAN LAKE
After a successful island hopping tour, we decided to go for a sundowner at LA SIRENETTA, a restaurant that extends out into the sea and is one of the favorite hangouts for tourists as well.
This is also a perfect place to witness the sunset that Coron is also famous for.
coron palawan sunset
Since we are in a big group, we decided to hire a multicab since our hotel is around 10 minutes away from the main town.
If you plan to go around town, you can just contact ALBERT at 09398008408 . The fee is very minimal and so we decided to also hire him for our tour the next day.
On our last day in Coron, we decided to visit the MAQUINIT HOT SPRING. This salt water hot spring is around 30-40 minutes away from the main town but a visit to this place is a must.
maquinit hot spring coron
The average temperature of this salt water hot spring is from 35C to 40C . It is really hot specially if you are visiting during day time. That is why another good time to visit this place is at night.
Next to Maquinit Hotspring, you can walk around the mangrove forests that is perfect place for photoshoots.
If there is one souvenir that you want to take home for family and friends from Coron, that would be CASHEW NUTS. And a place to get that is here at CORON HARVEST. Located very close to town, everybody knows this place and no way can you miss this.
CASHEW NUTS range from Php 50.00 – Php 500.00
cashew nuts coron palawan
Now on our last day on the island, we found VIEW DECK GRILL HOUSE to be the place to be for those wanting drinks and food. Also located right in the middle of town, this is located on top floor so expect the view to be stunning.
viewdeck restaurant coron
Coron, Palawan will always be a favorite destination for us in the Philippines. With the beauty of its natural landscape, it’s really worth coming back again and again!
mt tapyas coron palawan
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