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VISITROMBLONISLANDS.COM | Romblon Launches Tourism Website

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Metro Manila, Philippines — As the regional MIMAROPA Festival kickstarts on the colorful streets of Tablas Island, the host province Romblon opens up with a big surprise. What was once a province that was hard to reach is now made readily accessible through quick flights and affordable boat trips. And as it bares its white-sandy shores and many islands to the public, Romblon releases the travel website visitRomblonIslands.com.

Located in central Philippines, the archipelagic province of Romblon used to be known solely as the “Marble Capital of the Philippines”, as the province is home to the largest marble deposits in Asia. But more than just mining these deposits and crafting beautiful marble products, little do people know that Romblon shares the lush naturescapes and long stretches of ivory-white beaches of its neighboring islands Mindoro and Boracay.
Boracay’s next-door neighbor Carabao Island is Romblon’s premier beach destination, exposing what Boracay used to look like before it exploded in global travel community in the 80’s. North of Carabao, the elongated Tablas Island has the most number of white beaches and reputable resorts at its southern towns. Caves and waterfalls scatter all over the island’s mountainous interiors. Beaches and fish sanctuaries abound, while to its north is the famed diving site Blue Hole. It’s the only “hole dive site” in the Philippines where one can descend into the hole’s darker depths and witness many species of marine life and large coral formations — incredible!
Just a boat ride to the east, the island capital Romblon (also named as the province) makes for a unique excursion due to its educational tours of vast marble quarry sites and workshops, its marbleworks  and Spanish heritage sites in the town center, as well as its alabaster-white beaches. To its northwest, its satellite island Cobrador is also one of the most lovely in the province. It is home to history- and treasure-laden caves, and pearl-white sand beaches with crushed corals, extending into emerald waters.
Further east of Romblon is the half-moon-shaped Sibuyan Island. It is dubbed as the “Galapagos of Asia” for being the most biodiverse island in the Asian continent. A third of the island looms with the beguiling wall of Mt. Guiting-Guiting, named so after its many fang-like peaks. This colossal landform is considered one of the most technical as well as breathtaking mountaineering destinations in the country. Sibuyan’s two other highlights include the mighty Cantigas River and its upland hydroelectric waterfalls, and the stunning Cresta de Gallo Island, which from above, looks like a white shooting star falling across the brilliant Sibuyan Sea.
Romblon’s website lists all these attractions and more, complete with maps, photographs, and descriptions on what you will find there, and how to get there. The best hotels and resorts, as well as budget-friendly accommodations and homestays, are similarly listed on the website for instant booking experience and hassle-free exploration.
The website visitRomblonIslands.com is powered by Explora.ph, a travel publishing company and online booking platform based in Metro Manila. The company leads a nationwide collaboration with local government units, island resident experts, writers, and photographers to build the most comprehensive listing of travel destinations in the Philippines. With Explora.ph, traveling in the country has never been made easier.
Check out visitRomblonIslands.com today.



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