/ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND -An Exciting Trail for the Family in Timberland Heights!

ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND -An Exciting Trail for the Family in Timberland Heights!

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During my stay at the Adventure Farm at Timberland Heights, we were also invited to check out the newest trail added to the many activities at Adventure Farm. Adventure Farm converted a portion of the forest into a fun trail that is enjoyable for the whole family. This 1.3 km trail has 10 obstacles that are set up around the trail that will add to the fun while on this adventure.
During our trip, since we were the first ones to try it out, we had a little friendly competition with Team Timberland which added to the fun as we are about to explore the trail.
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The weather was overcast and raining a little bit so we didn’t bring our cameras with us while exploring the trail. Thank goodness that we had a professional photographer, Dennis Murillo, with us to take photos during our adventure.
As we tackled the trail, we ran all the way to the first obstacle which was the tire relay and then the uphill battle began. The rolling hills maybe difficult at first but as you go deeper into the forest, things just got even better as the weather slowly improved and we enjoyed the lush forest.
In the middle of the trail, one exciting part was the walk on mud. Just expect to get sweaty and dirty.
While waiting for the others to arrive, we posed before going in for the Military Crawl. Since this was a competition between Team Bloggers and Team Timberland, every station had a flag that we had to collect once we conquered the obstacle.
Spread your arms and balance on these BALANCE LOGS.
Team Timberland won in the end, but for us it was more of the experience of exploring this new trail that was really enjoyable. We were laughing like crazy, specially while we were going through the obstacles.
The new ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND  really was a fun adventure that children and families will really enjoy. Safety is very important to them that is why there are aid stations and medical teams found along the trail to ensure the safety of everyone.
So if you are ever visiting Timberland Heights and looking for a great adventure to bond with your family and friends, look no further and head straight the Adventure Farm!
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