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taal vista hotel tagaytay city

TAAL VISTA HOTEL | Tagaytay City [Staycation]

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TAGAYTAY CITY | Every time me Friends and I plan for the weekend or for long holidays, Tagaytay is always included as a possibility on the list . Its distance from Manila is not really that far and aside from the low temperature in the area, tourists visit Tagaytay to get a glimpse of the very famous Taal Lake and Volcano.

One hotel that has witnessed the growth of Tagaytay as a tourist destination is the Taal Vista Hotel. Built in 1939, Taal Vista become has become a part of the Filipino heritage and a place where one can witness the best views of the Taal Lake and Volcano.

Since we are from Imus, Tagaytay is such a breeze to get to. My friend invited me to stay over at Taal Vista Hotel for a night and since I’ve got nothing much to do, I would be so crazy to say no to such an offer!
We arrived at the hotel at around lunch time. It was overcast and that’s when you could already feel the chill. 
taal vista staycation
We checked in at 2:00 pm and our room was in the Lake Wing facing the Sky Ranch and the Taal Lake. It was beautiful! 
hotel card key
The Reception Area. The staff were actually very friendly and always serve with a smile. They took care of our reservation and we were well attended. 
The lobby hasn’t changed much from the last time I saw it. The lobby area still exudes sophistication and elegance and that is what the tourists are looking for when you stay at a place such as Taal Vista. 
taal vista hotel lobby
When you turn right from the lobby, you will find the HISTORY WALL. On this wall, you will find a timeline depicting how Taal Vista Hotel withstood the test of time and has maintained the status of being one of the best hotels in Tagaytay City. 

Buffet Meals at VERANDA

Since we arrived at the place around lunch time, we decided to treat ourselves to a buffet lunch in one of the main hotel restaurants called VERANDA. Her one can enjoy a wide array of meals from Western, Asian and Filipino cuisine that will surely satisfy your cravings for good food. 
One noticeable feature that I observed was the over-all look of the restaurant. Before it was dark and cramped, but this time, it is more open and brighter. I also love the colors used in the interior. The brass chandelier also adds a unique feel to it. Over all, it was very pleasing to the eyes.
breakfast buffet taal vista hotel

Who wouldn’t love to have this nice and crispy bacon for breakfast.

Salad Bar Station at Veranda
Don’t forget to grab some Chuck Roll. It was so tender and flavorful! Super yummy!
It was also with great pleasure to have met the Head Chef of Veranda and Taza Fresh Table, Chef Jayme Natividad. His passion and experience for food is really reflected in the quality of his food that is now being enjoyed by the visitors and guests of Taal Vista Hotel. 

Our Room at Taal Vista Hotel 

Taal Vista Hotel has 260 rooms that accommodate their guests. For our stay, we had Room 462 on the Lake Wing side of the hotel which faces Sky Ranch and Taal Lake. Our room has all the amenities that you need. It was spacious and the decor was actually very modern. 
One thing that I loved about our room aside from the view was their queen size bed which was comfortable and firm. The linen was very soft and the pillow supported my neck resulting in a very good night’s sleep. 
taal vista hotel room
relaxing morning taal vista hotel
Relax and watch some movies while enjoying their complimentary coffee and tea. 
The Walk Around 
One of the major reasons why people visit Tagaytay is of course the view of the Taal Lake and one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Taal Volcano. And if you are at Taal Vista Hotel, listen to sound of nature and enjoy the view all to yourself. 
A favorite playground for the kids and the kids like me was to run and roll around their lawns with the stunning background of the hotel behind you. Such a perfect place to relax and watch the sunset.
Guests can also relax and swim at the hotel’s swimming pool found nearer to the Mountain Wing. 
swimming pool taal vista hotel

A Romantic Dinner at TAZA FRESH TABLE 

Make your staycation memorable by visiting another restaurant in the hotel and that is the Taza Fresh Table Restaurant. Diners can enjoy food prepared from the finest quality ingredients that everyone will surely enjoy. Because of their ideal cooler climate, the restaurant has their own vegetable garden, the produce of which is used in their everyday cooking. 
I like the idea of the open kitchen as you can see the chefs preparing your food to perfection.
The food started to arrive and we were just stunned. Aesthetically, each plate looked so good and when we had our first bite, our eyes just started to close while enjoying the flavor and I am telling you, they were superb! 
Watermelon Salad
New York Strip with Onion Rings on the side.
After an excellent dinner we had at the Taza Fresh Table, we again walked around just to see and enjoy more of the view at night. The cool breeze of Tagaytay was refreshing. And while sitting on the bench while staring on the lights, we just said to ourselves, what a wonderful place to be! 
taal vista hotel at night
Sit outside the hotel and enjoy a cup of tea next to an outdoor fireplace and just enjoy the evening. 
Our staycation in Tagaytay really wouldn’t be that enjoyable without Taal Vista Hotel. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, the room was clean and spacious, the view is always amazing, the food was excellent…what else could we ask for.
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