/WAI YING FAST FOOD – A Real Taste of Chinese Food in the Heart of Binondo, Manila

WAI YING FAST FOOD – A Real Taste of Chinese Food in the Heart of Binondo, Manila

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BINONDO MANILA | If there is one place a tourist must visit in Manila, China Town in Binondo  should definitely be on the list. Considered as one of the oldest China Towns in the world, this place has so much to offer in terms of cultural heritage and of course food!
This is the reason why during our long run from Mall of Asia to China Town, I told my friend that  I was craving for some Chinese food for breakfast. The weather was nice and the road wasn’t too busy making it ideal to run on the streets.
china town Philippines
It was always a nice vibe when walking around China Town. The lanterns, the Chinese signage and the people do create a different atmosphere as if you are really somewhere in the East. But anyway, as we walked along the streets of China Town, there is one place that our friend took us to and he guaranteed that we were going to enjoy the food.
We walked around turned left and right on the busy streets of Binondo we found WAI YING Fastfood. From the outside, it looks very rustic and small, but when inside, it was an overwhelming experience and an explosion of flavors!
chinese food binondo
We arrived at the place at around 8:00 am and we were surprised at how busy the place was. We checked on the second level, and it was all full.
We even waited for a seat outside because it was just packed with people inside. For me, that’s always a good indication that this place is quite popular and the food is good.
When we finally found a seat, I was fascinated by the staff  working in the kitchen. Now I was more excited to check on the menu and finally taste their food.
The price was actually quite reasonable and the choices immense.
wai ying menu
When you see bamboo steamers like these, you know Dim Sum is a must try.
Peking ducks were also on display for the customers to see.
I was starving and I could not wait to eat. So for  the 4 of us, we ordered the following from the menu to share.
Beef Mami / Bihon for Php 130.00
Pork Century Egg with Congee for Php 130.00
It was super worth it for its price because their servings were quite generous.
The Siomai for Php 80.00 . Now this one was to die for, I consider this Siomai as one of the best I’ve tasted. It was so meaty and I thought four was not enough but after finishing it, I was full.
Asado Siopao for Php 75.00. I love Asado and I thought size matters, but after trying Wai Ying, it’s not  about the size, its about the flavors of the Asado meat – this Asado Siopao is delicious and hard to beat!
wai ying siopao
Hong Kong Milk Tea for Php 55.00. I don’t normally enjoy milk tea but this one is a must try. I like that it’s not overly sweet and I saw them making it using just the basic ingredients and that’s what I like!
A great way to clean your pallet at the end is to ask for the complimentary hot tea. You just have to ask for it.
After our meal at Wai Ying, all I can say is that I really fell in love with this place most specially with the food. So if you are looking for authentic Chinese food, Wai Ying Fastfood is the place to be! I am definitely going back to this place and bring my family and friends along! Yum yum!

 Wai Ying Address

810 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila
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