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Before heading to Boracay, I decided  to stop and explore Kalibo for a couple of days. Aside from their famous Ati-Atihan Festival, there is actually so much more to see in this very peaceful town of Kalibo and one of the many is the BAKHAWAN ECO-PARK
mangrove forest kalibo

Where I stayed in Kalibo: AGZAM RESORT AND SPA

From the center of Kalibo, I just hired a tricycle at a very cheap cost to take me to Bakhawan Eco-Park . It was easy and the trip only took us less than half an hour.
Located in New Buswang in Kalibo, so many tourists are visiting here because of the natural and pristine beauty of the place.  I could not wait to find out more.
bakhawan eco park kalibo
As of the moment, here are the fees that you need to pay upon entering the eco-park. I hope they haven’t changed it yet for this year. Please take note that  the park opens to the public at 7am and closes at 7pm.
Bakhawan, or in English normally called Mangroves, cover over 200 hectares of land on this side of the province. The place has been following a reforestation process for so many years with the support of the people,  local government and other organizations. Now, it is considered as one of the most successful in terms of Mangrove reforestation projects in the country.
Now, the park is being operated by KALIBO SAVE THE MANGROVES ASSOCIATION (KASAMA) .
Once inside the Bakhawan Eco-Park, you will find this very long bamboo trail that will take you to the other side of the Mangrove forest.
The trail is over a kilometer long and it will take you to some of the scenic areas. It was a long walk so they have benches where you can take a seat and rest. It was a humid day during our walk to the park so make sure to carry some water with you.
KALIBO AKLAN | When I saw the bamboo bridge, I thought I’d reached the end of the trail, but I was told I was only halfway. The very sturdy bridge adds to the excitement on the trail plus the view over the river  being protected by these Mangroves was just amazing.
My walk continued and I could not wait to see what it was like on the end of the trail. The steps were actually quite  strong and a great location for photo shoots. Agree?
bakhawan park kalibo aklan
mangrove forest
When I saw the Open Bar sign, I knew I was closeby already. We were just doing a slow stroll since I wanted to really enjoy everything.
Finally, I can see the end of the trail. When visiting Bakhawan Eco-Park, do not forget to bring your swimwear as swimming is allowed in this area.
Cabanas are also available for rent at Bakhawan Eco-Park. This is perfect place for those wanting a quick escape from a city or simply picnic with friends or families.
The park also offers Kayak Rentals.
I was staring at these kids with so much envy owing to the scorching weather and the ocean water was so tempting but I did not have any swimwear with me. I could see they were just having a ball!
children having fun on the beach
The trip  to Bakhawan Eco-Park really made my Kalibo trip memorable. The park is very clean and organized. There is no clutter in the water, trash bins are found everywhere and the people were very friendly too. It is definitely a beautiful destination to be in!
So please remember that when visiting Kalibo, Aklan, BAKHAWAN ECO-PARK is a destination not to be missed!
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