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AZURE URBAN RESORT AND RESIDENCES | Staycation in the South of Manila!

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People nowadays are so busy with their jobs that they sometimes forget the word relaxation. I guess I am one of those people who is also so busy with work that I regard weekends as a time for comfort and relaxation, so when my friend phoned  and asked me if I wanted to have a staycation at Azure Urban Resort and Residences on a weekend, I immediately said yes without any hesitation!
swimming at azure beach club

Located in Paranaque, Azure Urban Resort Residences is now becoming a favorite destination for those people searching for a pleasant staycation. I am actually not surprised by this, because when I arrived, I was really impressed with their amenities for both residents and staycationers.

 PARIS BEACH CLUB , where you will be welcomed by the luxurious interiors which I love. This is where the  reception can also be found and the main entrance to the beach which is the main centerpiece of the place.
Azure Residences has around 10 condominium blocks and for my staycation, I was going to stay at MAUI 1406 at Maui Towers. Since I brought my car, there is a parking fee of Php 250.
Before your arrival at Azure Residences, please take note of the following:
1. PRINT the GUEST ADVISE  FORM that will be sent to you. This is  the only for you to get in for a staycation.
2. Bring valid ID’s
3. Parking Fee is  Php 250.00
4. Bring your Guest ID with you at all times.
5. Bring food with you because there are no stores near the place, except for SM Bicutan.
azure urban resort residences
On arrival at the MAUI Towers lobby, one requirement here is to present your ID and that’s when you will be given a Guest ID. It’s basically your access to all the amenities so keep it with you always.
One of the many apartments you can rent for a short or long term stay is MAUI 1406. This is a 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment and always ready to accommodate guests with pleasure.
For this  room, the owners only allow  up to a maximum of 6 persons for a two bedroom apartment. The living room is actually quite  comfortable  and  everything you need such as tv, couches, phone, dining table and chairs and WiFi are already provided.
azure room staycation
Guests can also cook their own dishes if they want. During our stay, instead of ordering for food, we decided to cook our own food. Plates, cutlery, and glasses are already provided in the room. That is so convenient. If in case you forgot something – food is also available at a cost.
If you forgot to bring drinking water, no need to worry as they have a water filter already installed. How good is that!
House rules are posted on the wall and  other  items for sale on top of the stand. Rice cooker, kettle, and  microwave oven are always available to use.
Since there are two bedrooms in the apartment, both have doors leading to the balcony. A nice place to just sit and relax and enjoy the view!
balcony view azure urban resort
Both bedrooms have a queen size bed and a closet where you can hang your clothes. Your bath towels are also found here.
For an additional bed, they have a foldable bed that you can set up in the living room which is good enough to accommodate the other two guests.
Staying at MAUI 1406 really was fun, convenient and ideal as everything you need was already provided in the room. After a nice sleep, it was time for us to go outdoors and explore the other amenities that are all inclusive in the payment.
To see a nice view of Metro Manila, you must check out the roof top. It is also a nice place for any gatherings since there are tables and chairs also available. It was quite relaxing up there to be honest!
rooftop azure urban resort
After checking out the rooftop, we went straight to THE BEACH for a swim. For two bedroom apartments, the allowable number of people to swim is 4. In excess of that, each person exceeding 4 will have to pay Php 250.00 .
The artificial white sand beach has been attracting so many people and it really is one of the main highlights of our stay here at Azure Residences.
This one here is the beach and playground for the kids. But it was under maintenance during our visit. The white sand beach really was so effective and it felt like you are really on a paradise beach somewhere in the Phiippines. The palm trees also  add to the tropical feel of the resort.
So we immediately headed to the main beach and to our surprise, it also becomes a wave pool. It was so massive and we really had a ball swimming here.
wave pool azure urban resort
If you are a swimmer and want to do some training, a lap pool is also available.
lap pool azure urban resort
The swimming pool is open from 8:00 am until 7:00 pm. So my advise is for you to arrive early so you can enjoy the other amenities. But for us, the Beach is enough for us to make our staycation fun and memorable.
swimming with friends
For safety, a lifeguard is always on duty. Well not me (lol), but they are always present to make sure everyone is safe.
It may be the time for us to check out but the fun we had during our staycation at MAUI 1406 in Azure Residences really was worth it. Everything you need is in the room, it was clean and fresh, it was comfortable, and of a very high standard. The owner of the unit was very friendly and accommodating during the entire time of our stay. Transactions were quite easy so it was a hassle free staycation. On my next visit, there is no doubt that I will definitely book again at MAUI 1406.
From Left to Right: Ver Real @Verrunner16 , Jobats @whereisjubz , Jeff @jeffsaints , Kent @kennethmanlalakbay , Daniel @Danielmasiglat
For more information or any inquiries about your staycation at Azure Residences, you may contact
JOYCE at +639569657862
or you may send them a message on their FACEBOOK at MAUI1406


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