/TANGADAN FALLS in San Gabriel, La Union

TANGADAN FALLS in San Gabriel, La Union

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SAN GABRIEL LA UNION | If there is a place in the North where tourists wonder whether it is worth the visit, then La Union  will definitely be one of the places to consider. Aside from it being a surfers’ paradise, one tourist spot in La Union that you can visit is found San Gabriel in La Union, and that is TANGADAN FALLS.
Tangadan Falls San Gabriel La Union
Beautiful Day at Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel La Union 


How to get to Tangadan Falls

Just take a jeepney with a sign of San Gabriel and that would take you to the Municipal Hall of San Gabriel. The fare is around Php 20.00 .
resting on a fire truck

REGISTRATION to Tangadan Falls 

At the Municipal Hall, you will first have to register at the Police Station and then proceed to the TREASURY OFFICE to pay Php 30.00 .
When you are at the Municipal Hall, you will also meet some of the Tour Guides. Here we got a bit confused because others said that it is mandatory to have one and others said it’s not. But anyhow, we didn’t get a tour guide and we basically just followed the track and made it to the falls in the end.
Once you are outside the Municipal Hall, you could simply hire a tricycle to BARANGAY DAGUP which is the jump off to the falls. Tricycle fare is Php 70.00 .
From Barangay Dagup, to get to Tangadan Falls will require a little bit of a hike through the lush forests of San Gabriel. For people without a tour guide, we found it a little confusing since there were no markings as to where to go but we just followed some groups also heading the same way and it was fine.
So if asked, it would be nice to put trail signage along the routes heading to the falls.
The trail will take you through some scenic locations and across some river crossings which were actually quite fun.
A bit of advice, make sure you wear proper footwear for the hike. Flip flops will do – just be extra careful because some rocks were quite slippery.
Make sure to also keep yourself hydrated all the time during the hike, some locals do sell ice candies along the route and you will also find some tuck shops  selling refreshments.
After walking for a few minutes, we finally saw this which I thought was the main falls but I was wrong, this was just a sneak peak for what is ahead of you.
One activity that you can do here was cliff jumping. You can hop on to this wooden box that will take you to the other side for Php 20.00 .
It is advisable to take a rest because the heat was just becoming unbearable and the humidity was at its maximum.
After 40 minutes of trail walk, we finally made it to TANGADAN FALLS and what a wonderful site to see!
The water gushing down at Tangadan Falls was just so relaxing and we couldn’t wait to get into the water. Bamboo rafts are also available for those who wanted to get close to the waterfall. For the safety of everyone,  I would suggest hiring a life vest while swimming for Php 50.00.
tangadan waterfall la union
The water at Tangadan Falls was rather refreshing than being too cold. Some swimmers tried to get a bit adventurous and swim all the way next to the waterfalls which you may do at your own risk. I tried it myself and I had great fun!
bamboo rafts
After spending our time swimming at Tangadan Falls, another swimming area  is found a few steps up where a lot of people go for a swim as well.
We were so happy that we were able to insert TANGADAN Falls into our itinerary in La Union. Aside from the beautiful beaches in La Union, It was a fresh destination for thrill seekers and it’s not that far to get to. Public transport is available almost all the time. If you are going to ask the best time to visit, I would say morning is the best time.


Well there you go, a morning well spent!
Watch more of Tangadan Falls on this video.

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