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Philippines has so much mountains to explore. I’ve hiked on some mountains in Batangas and in Bataan, but not in the Rizal Province. That is why when my colleagues from school decided that they wanted to hike during the Christmas vacation, we immediately thought of going to Tanay, Rizal.
While doing our research, we saw this newly opened trail that just opened in early 2016. Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynuba is a twin hike with a total of 8km in lenght. But what is even more exciting is that you are traversing a route with 8 waterfalls which was one of the major highlights of the entire climb
We left Imus, Cavite at exactly 4:00 am in the morning. Since it was our first time to drive to Tanay, Rizal, we got a little lost and arrived at 8:00 am. Use WAZE gps for navigation! 🙂
The jump off site for Mt. Cayabu + Mt. Maynuba is at MAR-NING’S FARM AND RESORT in Barangay Cayabu, Tanay, Rizal
Contact Person: ROMAR
Mobile Numbers:
The area was very spacious with enough space for parking.


Registration : Php 40.00 per head
GUIDE FEE ( Strictly 1:5 Ratio)
Day Hike – Php 500.00
Overnight – Php 1250.00
Porter – Php 300.00
After the registration and sorting out all the fees, we didn’t waste any time and started our twin hike.
I asked our guides how long it normally takes for them to do the entire traverse and they said it really varies with the type of hikers. So, I asked what our pace was like and he said that we were not slow and neither fast. Lol.
During our climb to the first summit which is Mt. Cayabu, you will encounter some steep trails that may be difficult, specially for the newbies. Rest if you must and walk at your own pace. Do not forget to stay hydrated at all times.
As we climbed higher and higher, you could already see the beautiful scenery surrounding Tanay, Rizal. Most hikers prefer to hike early just before sunset because they want to witness the SEA OF CLOUDS which is also visible in the area. And if you want to see that, you must start your climb as early as 3:00 am.
Finally, we reached the summit of Mt. Cayabu. The summit was a perfect place to cool down as it was surrounded bu lush trees which give a lot of shade.
After a few minutes rest, we decided to move on to the next summit which is Mt. Maynuba. That is when things got a little exciting as we used ropes to hold on to while crossing some boulders.
We are just so thankful for the good weather and the clear skies that we can see the magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding mountains of Rizal Province.
Shade is very limited in the area so, get some rest if you see some in the area. We decided to stop here for a bit and had our snacks while staring at the summit just a few meters ahead of us.
Finally after 4 hours of walking, we arrived at the main summit of Mt. Maynuba at exactly 12:00 noon. You will recognize it when you see the flag. The guide told me that it served as a landmark to the dog that passed away due to heat exhaustion and was later buried at this spot.
At the summit, we all sat for a bit and ate our snacks and drank lots of water as it was very hot.
Close to the summit, you will find one of the many camp sites in the area for those who prefer to stay for a night.
As our water bottles were getting emptier by the minute, thank goodness for this natural water source. Some are quite skeptical about how clean it was, but we all drank from it and our tummies were still feeling fine after the hike. I can attest that the water here is clean!
After much hydrating, we started our descent and things got even better.
Later on, we were all thrilled as we started hearing the sound of the water and as the landscape changed completely.
We were all feeling hot from the climb. After seeing these grand waterfalls, we were determined that we were going to take a plunge.
The cool water of the falls just took all the the achy bits away from our body because it was just so refreshingly cold.
After a very relaxing plunge in one of the falls. It was time for us to move ahead and explore the others heading to the jump off site.
Just watch your step down the streams as some rocks are either loose or slippery.
Coming down, you will go through the rocky cliffs and rappelling is the only way down. That excited me a lot!



One of the many beautiful waterfalls found in the area.



As we are nearing to the the jump off site, our guide showed us another swimming area where we took another swim again.





Mt. Cayabu – Mt. Maynuba traversing 8 Waterfalls was a great adventure that I highly recommend to every one, especially for newbie climbers. And as I said before, if you want to witness the Sea of Clouds, then this is one of the places to see it.
This is just one of the many mountains to explore along the Rizal area and I cannot wait to see the others!

How to commute to the JUMP OFF SITE of Mt. Cayabu – Mt. Maynuba Twin Hike:

1. From Cubao, take a jeepney to Cogeo 2.
2. Ride a jeepney to BATANGAS SAN.
3. From BATANGAS SAN , ride a tricycle to Mar-Ning’s Farm and Resort




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