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Since our flight was in the afternoon, what better way to spend the morning than on a beautiful island only  few minutes away from the City of Davao.
Samal Island is the best place to get away from the busy atmosphere of the city. This island has so much to offer tourists: white sand beaches, dive spots, waterfalls, and so much more.
Hagimit Falls: One of the Best Tourist Spot to Visit in Samal Island

With only few hours to spare, we skipped breakfast, grabbed a taxi and ask the driver to take us to the closest ferry that would take us to Samal, Island.
The cab driver took us to SAMAL FERRY WHARF where we immediately hopped onto a ferry boat and left for Samal Island.

FERRY FEE to Samal Island: Php 10.00

This island is so close that it took us less than 20 minutes to reach the island. When you arrive, there will be some Habal-Habal that will approach you to take you around the different tourist spots on the island. Since we were a party of four, we decided to hire a Tricycle.
TIP: A habal-habal is so much faster! Or maybe it just depends on the driver. 🙂
The driver/ tour guide took us to a viewing deck where we could see the Pearl Farm Beach Resort. It looks beautiful from where we were and I couldn’t wait  to check the resort on my next visit.
After some few photos and snacks, we went to KAPUTIAN BEACH RESORT.  For a minimal fee, you can get to enjoy this white sand beach. You can either hire a cottage or set up a tent if you want to stay overnight. It’s a beautiful white sand beach and a very popular destination on the island.
With only a few more hours to spare, we headed to our last destination for that morning and that was the HAGIMIT FALLS. I had no idea at first what the falls looked like and when I saw the picture on the road, I suddenly got so excited.

ENTRANCE FEE: PHP 40.00 Adults and PHP 20.00 for Children

Since it was a weekend, there were quite a few people in the area. It just shows that this is another famous tourist destination on the Island of Samal. The place is so lush and I love that there are little pools that everyone could enjoy.
Hagimit Falls has different lagoons and you will never run out of place to swim and hang out. I also remember that there are cottages and huts available for tourists in the area.
A few meters from the entrance, we finally reached the HAGIMIT FALLS. It’s as so big as some of the others but the flow of the water was soothing. It just so gentle that swimmers could climb all the way up and jump.
You will also be surprised that there is a little cave in the area where locals could take you. That was a nice surprise and we really enjoyed the experience.
Our Hagimit Falls adventure was not over yet. Our local tour guide in the area took us to another falls next to Hagimit. It was the complete opposite because we were the only ones in the area. That was just amazing!
It was a short trip, but I will definitely go back to Davao and would spend more time on Samal Island. I’ve seen very little yet I was very impressed by how everything looks so natural and tranquil.
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