/Tribu K’Mindanawan – A Great Show to Welcome Every Tourist in Davao City!

Tribu K’Mindanawan – A Great Show to Welcome Every Tourist in Davao City!

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During our visit to the vibrant city of Davao, there is one place that our friend took us to and that was to witness a show that you can only find in Davao. We basically had only a weekend to do as much as we could. On our first day of exploring in the city, we decided to end our day with Tribu K’Mindanawan.
After our awesome experience at the Crocodile Farm, we basically walked for around 3 minutes to Tribu K’Mindanawan.
Tribu K’Mindanawan is a cultural village in the city of Davao that features the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the different tribes found in Mindanao. Together with other travel blogger friends, we decided to experience it ourselves.
Here, you will find different traditional houses and indigenous items for sale. In addition, you can also watch a fire show that will definitely wow everyone. We were actually very impressed with it and I was saying, what a nice welcome from such a beautiful city.


After watching the fire dance show, we decided not to go far for a place to eat. Kaonanan Restaurant is basically right next to the fire show venue. Since the menu was not that badly priced, we decided to order a selection which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Cultural dances and songs native to Mindanao were being performed while we were enjoying our dinner. Their performances had given me an idea of how rich Mindanao culture is. In the end, they even invited the guests to join them in some dances which we of course participated in. It was a fun evening and such a memorable experience!
This experience in Davao really made me decide that I will have to come back and do more in this city. A weekend was not enough but this just made me proud to say that I am half-Mindanoan! See you again this summer! Special thanks to Olan Fernandez of www.TheTravelTeller.com for taking us around during our stay in the city of Davao.

For more information about Tribu K’Mindanawan: CLICK HERE

ADDRESS: Davao Crocodile Park Complex
Riverfront, Corporate City, Diversion Highway
Ma-a, Davao City 8000 Philippines
From the left: Mark Estur ( www.LakwatserongTsinelas.com) , Darwin Cayetano ( www.TrackingTreasure.net ) , Olan Fernandez ( www.TheTravelTeller.com ) , and Kirk Acebron ( www.KirkAnatomy.com ) .
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