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LAS PINAS CITY | Evia Lifestyle Center along Daang Hari Road now gives people in the South an experience of an upscale mall. The place is getting more and more attention with the nice aesthetic structure and the variety of shops and restaurants available in the area. The Vista Cinema is a great addition at Evia specially with their MX 4D and now the IMAX Laser taking everyone to a whole different level of cinematic experience.
One Evia restaurant really caught our attention and that was ANOTHER STORY. We we very intrigued about the story this place has to tell, so we then booked a seat and listened to their story.
Another Story Evia LIfestyle Center
Another Story Restaurant at Evia Lifestyle Center

From the outside, Another Story Evia LIfestyle Center is really an eye catching restaurant. With the use of different color palettes and mix and match going on, I found it very pretty!
While waiting for our food and drinks, I wandered around and explored the restaurant. I really liked the Asian and western fusion going on inside the restaurant. A nice blend of different cultures and a good taste evident in the decor details.


We ordered our drinks first while waiting for our gourmet food. I ordered a CLASSIC MOJITO for Php 165.00
And a nice and strong SANGRIA for the same price of Php 165.00
We were given complimentary breads paired with a delicious tomato based dip.
For starters, we ordered the ANOTHER STORY SALAD for Php 395.00. I enjoyed the citrus flavor of the vinaigrette and the shrimps were cooked well. This is the best salad before you start with your main dish!
FISH AND CHIPS for Php 495.00
PORK MILANESE with CHIPS for Php 495.00
Wait! We were not done yet. Since we don’t do this often, we asked for the menu again and looked at their desserts.
My friend ordered a CARAMEL CHEESECAKE for Php 215.00
And I ordered a RED VELVET for Php 245.00 for a slice. Their portions were quite big and we battled to finished it. But we enjoyed it a lot and their food was delicious!
ANOTHER STORY really is a great addition to the list of restaurants around the South of Manila. In the end, the restaurant left us leaving with a good story to tell to our friends that they must visit this place for great food and experience.

Another Story Contact Number

0997 469 2606

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