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CORREGIDOR ISLAND Day Tour | Cavite City

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Field trips are one of the activities students always look forward too. It is a challenge for teachers and the institutions where to take the students for a whole day. Suddenly a bold idea came to mind and I thought of taking my students to Corregidor Island. When I opened the idea to our Directress she was very happy with the plan, so I immediately contacted the tour group that organizes the tour to Corregidor Island and that is SUN CRUISES. 

Students were very excited about the idea and so I immediately sent a circular to the parents. This was the first time I had taken the students to a very historical place in the Philippines. Some parents were very skeptical about the safety since this involved a boat ride to the island, but I can assure you that it was very safe. 
Sun Cruises only make one trip a day which is at 8:00 am that is why you need to be there very early. We almost missed this trip because of the traffic in Manila but through prayers, we made it just in time. Thank God for this miracle! 
Sun Cruises dock is located beside the Esplanade Seaside terminal. This is basically next to the Vikings Buffet Restaurant next to 711 store. 
For rates and inclusions, you may visit their website: www.corregidorphilippines.com

Inside the boat, we were the only students there and most of the others were foreigners and World War II Veterans. The trip would take over an hour and while on board, they will give you a little background of the Big Rock, otherwise called as Corregidor. At this stage, I still couldn’t believe this was happening. It’s a big thing for me and our students were very excited and looking forward to this trip.

Corregidor Island is a small island located 48 kms west of Manila. This is basically located at the entrance of Manila Bay. This is also to inform you that this island is part of the Province of Cavite and not of Bataan nor Manila. 
With it’s overwhelming history, let’s just say that this island played a big role during the World War 2 when the Filipinos and the Americans bravely defended the island and the Philippines from the Japanese invaders. 
Though Bataan fell to the Japanese, it was then recaptured under the command of General MacArthur. The famous general who quoted, ‘I SHALL RETURN”
On this island, you will find big guns, canon and ruins. A sad remembrance of the past that must be remembered by students that the country Philippines was part of the World War II. 
When we arrived on the island, these cute buses were waiting for us. On the ticket, it will tell you which bus you will be in. A tour guide will be there to assist you and orient you on all the places that you will be visiting. 
Here are the places we visited for the whole day we spent on this very historical island. 

1. Lunch at the Corregidor Inn

Lunch is inclusive in the package, tours are done on different locations simultaneously so there is no over crowding. Luckily, we were the first one to taste their sumptuous lunch buffet and our students got to eat the the balcony that offers a nice view of the beach. 

2. Battery Way and Battery Hearn

The Battery Way is composed of 12-inch mortars situated in Corregidor. Named after Lt. Henry N Way, Battery Ways are the main defenses of Manila and Subic Bays. Since the war, Battery Way became the favorite tourist attraction, especially educational tours.
Battery Hearn, previously known as Smart 2, is tagged as the biggest gun in Corregidor Island. You will be fascinated by its four 12-inch mortars that can rotate 360 degrees. It was named after General Clint C. Hearn.

3. Topside Barracks

This mile-long barracks on Corregidor is tagged as the longest barracks across the world. It is approximately 1,520 feet in length. This barracks were the temporary residence of American officers as well as enlisted personnel.

4. Pacific War Memorial and Museum

The Pacific War Memorial consists of several monuments but the main part is the ones with an open circular skylight. On May 6, the dome is directly hit by sunlight which exactly marks the fall of Corregidor.
Just near the spot where Gen. Douglas MacArthur first opened up the celebration of Corregidor’s freedom, a sculpture made of abstract steel is situated, named the Eternal Flame of Freedom. Exhibits of Pacific War photographs and memorabilia can also be seen in the museum.

5. Corregidor Lighthouse

In Cavite, Philippines, on the island of Corregidor, the historic Corregidor Lighthouse is situated. It played a vital role since 1853 because it guides ship into Manila Bay then to the port of Manila, which serves as the most significant trading center of Philippines. Though the Siege of Corregidor created a huge damage to its structure, it was then rebuilt and taken-care of up to this day.

6. Battery Crockett 

With an estimated cost of $290,049, Battery Crockett was first constructed in 1905. Its range is 17,000 yards, a 170 degrees traverse. Its design is the same as Battery Cheney and Battery Wheeler.

7. MacArthur Statue

Gen. Douglas MacArthur Park is considered as the main attraction of Corregidor. A life-size statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur can also be found here, in memory of his heroic deeds during the war. 

8. Japanese Garden of Peace

It is situated in the Island’s tail side to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who died fighting in the country. Construction funds were generated through the help of private groups of Japan. Enjoy the scenic landscape and experience history at your fingertips.

9. Filipino Heroes Memorial 

Filipino Heroes Memorial is the newest landmark in the Island of Corregidor. Featuring 14 murals, it aims to portray the Battle of Mactan and other historic events.

10. Malinta Tunnel

During the war, Malinta Tunnel served as a hospital for injured soldiers. It is bomb proof to secure the safety of the people inside. Now, it is the favorite tourist destination of travelers. 
We finished the tour and head back to the boat at 2:00 pm. It was an overwhelming site to see and the students wanted to stay longer and do some more walks. I never thought they wiould have so much fun as much as we, the teachers, did. And as for me, I will always remember this place and I will definitely go back to this place again! There are also other activities on Corregidor and that is something to look forward to. 
So if you are thinking where to take your students for an educational field trip close to Manila, try CORREGIDOR ISLAND! 
If you want to check on the Student Rates, you may contact Jasmin at +639989683013 . She is the one in charge ONLY for educational tours to Corregidor Island. 
For any other type of tours you may call Sun Cruises at these numbers (632) 834-6857 to 58, (632) 831-8140 , (63)917 513-2625, (63)922 337-0068 . 
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