/My Church and Cultural Tour of South Korea (REFLECTION)

My Church and Cultural Tour of South Korea (REFLECTION)

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November of 2015, great news arrived at the school. This is when the Directress of Westhill International School, Ms. Grace
Eun Sook Im, mentioned that she would like to take some students to South
Korea for a church tour and simultaneously to visit the scenic places around
Seoul, South Korea. I was also blessed that I was chosen to go along with the
students on this trip.

13 students
were chosen to go to South Korea from the Grade 9 and 10. Most of them are also
part of the worship team of Westhill International School. When they all heard
that news, they were ecstatic! They could not believe that they were given this
opportunity to be part of this trip.

After all
the paper work and completing the requirements, time finally arrived for us to
travel to South Korea. We left late night via Jeju Air and after 4 hours in the
air, hello South Korea! 

Though tired from the whole plane trip, you can still see that the students and teachers were  overwhelmed by everything. They still couldn’t believe that they were really in South Korea! We were also introduced to some of the pastors of our host church, Seoyhun Presbyterian Church in Seoul, South Korea. 

After a few minutes of waiting at the airport we were met by
Mam Im along with Teacher Jinny ( Jinkyoung) , Gayeon , Teacher Chris and Rev. Cheong who were with us
during our stay in South Korea.  They
were very nice and kind to us all and we got along easily with them. It almost felt like we’d all known each other for a long time.

During our
stay in South Korea,  we were exposed to
different  cultures, heritage, technology
and delicious the food that South Korea can offer. They took us to different night
markets where students collected different cosmetics and face masks from
famous Korean brands. They even took us to a Nanta Show, a musical play that
showcased the culture of South Korea.

We also visited different historical sites such as villages and castles in Seoul which depicts what life was like in the old
days. Students were even able to try some of the South Korean arts which they
really enjoyed. 

This tour was also educational since we visited top
universities like Ewha Women’s University and Yonsei University which gave
students the idea of the importance of education and how the education system
works in South Korea. 

They even took us to Lotte World where students got the
scariest ride of their life. And, lastly, they took us to famous buffet
restaurants like VIPS and Chelsey. I can’t believe how much I ate during my
stay in South Korea. That’s how much I enjoyed South Korean food!

We also had
the opportunity to stay in different home stays and got to experience how
life was like in South Korea. It made me realize the value of having a close family
ties among South Korean and how education was one of the top priorities, especially among the young generation. I am very privileged to have stayed and met the family of JinHee Song who welcomed us wholeheartedly into their home. 

And most of
all one of the most memorable things during our trip was when I sang and the
students performed in front of many people at Seo Yun Presbyterian Church. It was a magical
and truly wonderful experience to be serving the Lord and using God’s

I thank God
most specially for this wonderful blessing of visiting South Korea. I am also
thankful to the people that I met and get along with, especially Teacher Jinny, Teacher Chris, Gayeon, and Pastor Cheong, Ms. Grace Eun Sook Im for the opportunity, our hosts during our home stay JinHee Song, whose family were very hospitable and accommodating to all of us, and the rest of the members of Seohyun Church.

This is not going to be the last time I will visit South Korea, the experience I had and the good memories they left made me decide that I will spend a winter in South Korea, hopefully in 2016! To God Be The Glory! 

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