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BUKIDNON | DAHILAYAN Forest and Adventure Park

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Bukidnon is a place famous to have the sweetest Pineapples you could ever taste (Guaranteed!). It is also known for its cool climate all year round because of it’s elevation. But now, the province of Bukidnon is also becoming a famous destination for those tourist seeking to have a great adventure. 
Since I visited my father’s hometown which is in Libona, Bukidnon, I immediately told my parents that I wanted to visit this place since it’s only minutes away from us. This is also my first time to visit Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park. I thought it would be a great idea to take my family as well. dahilayan-park-bukidnon

Coming from PHILIPS, Libona, Bukidnon, we made a quick stop at Cooperative Market to buy some snacks to take along with us. 
For the information of everyone, Dahilayan Forest Park is different from Dahilayan Adventure Park. They also offer different outdoor activities and my advice is for tourists to check both parks. 
For an entrance fee of Php 100 for adults and Php 50 for kids, you can already enjoy the cool breeze at the park and all the activities it offers at a certain price.
A ticket booth is also available inside just in case you want to try some of the activities inside the park. 
We didn’t waste time, my parents didn’t mind the intense heat from the sun. Everywhere you looked it was picture perfect. And some of them are these life size animals.
Forest park is not just made for kids to have fun, even adults can also join in the fun! 
One of the many activities you can do , is a puttputt or miniature golf. When I was in South Africa, I used to play a lot of this and it was really a fun game for everyone. 
For Php 100, you can walk across this very long hanging bridge at the Forest Park. 
Aside from doing ordinary poses, make memories more memorable by doing some wacky poses like this one! 
From the activity area, if you walk on the other side of the park, you will find the park’s picnic area. Tables are available for rent which is perfect place for any type of gatherings. But what I liked most about this place was the the huge and tall pine trees covering the whole area. It was beautiful! 
As I looked above, I am just thankful that there are some places like Dahilayan where nature and development thrive together. 
After walking around Forest Park with the whole family, it was now time for us to move on to another adventure park which is basically next door, The Dahilayan Adventure Park! No entrance fee is required at this park. If you are looking for extreme adventure, this is the right place for you!
Accommodation is available in both parks, but if I were you, you must try and stay at PINE GROVE MOUNTAIN LODGE.

Pine Grove Mountain Lodge

0917-622-3204 | 0917-3111-192
I promised myself that the next time I visited, I would definitely stay at this place for at least a night with the family. The pine trees that surround the lodge would really give every guest a feel like you were in the summer capital or in other countries with cold climate. 
I love adventure and that was the main reason why I came to this place. Along with my cousins, I decided to treat them to two rides. The ASIA’S 1st Longest Dual Zipline and the Dropzone.
ZIP LINE costs us Php 500.00 per person and DROP ZONE costs us Php 500.00 per person if you want to go alone and Php 750.00 if you want to go on a tandem. 
After buying the tickets, we immediately went to the Dropzone which is a few meters walk from the Pine Grove Lodge. 
You will also pass through some of the rides and activities such as this ROPE COURSE. 
After tickets had been verified, I now just had to wait for my turn at the Dropzone. I was scared as hell of heights and this is another challenge for me since I would be swinging 120 meters above the man-made lake. Such an adrenaline pumping activity but I was very eager to do it! 
The friendly staff of the park had to double check and make sure everything is ok. I felt safe though, I was just a little nervous maybe about the free fall. 
When I heard the cables pulling me up 120 meters above ground, I started to have cold sweats. What added more to the fun was I had to pull the trigger myself that would release the lock and start to freefall. That was an intense part of this ride! 
As I pulled the chord, I screamed liked a baby! Once I started swinging, I felt unstoppable and wanted to do it over and over again! ! My fear of heights suddenly turned into joy of flying!
After that exhilarating ride, it was now time for my father and I to try the Zipline. It is a 840 meters zipline with a speed of 60 – 80 KPH. It is considered as Asia’s first Longest Dual Zipline. 
I’ve tried so many ziplines including the longest and fastest in South Africa. But, I am just glad that there are so many parks offering this activity and I am sure it will just get longer and faster compared to other countries. 
From the park, a cab took us all the way to the starting point and once everything was checked, they pulled the trigger and zoomed through the pine forest from Dahilayan Forest Park to the Adventure Park. The ride took around 3 to 4 minutes from the starting point up to the Adventure Park. 
After all the activities at Dahilayan, I had no doubt that that it’s indeed more fun to visit and experience both Dahilayan Forest and Adventure Park. If you are in Cagayan De Oro or nearby places, do not forget to drop by at Dahilayan. The road going there was also quite scenic making your trip a memorable experience. 
I would personally like to thank Roj of Pine Grove Mountain Lodge for accommodating us during our visit. A very friendly and a professional person, he will make sure that you will have a great time when you visit at Dahilayan! 
Zipzone Dahilayan Adventure Park
Mobile No.
How to get there: 
From CDO take the BuDa (Bukidnon-Davao) Highway then turn right on the Alae Junction (which is about a kilometer past the quarantine stop).
Go straight passing through Camp Phillips, through their soccer field to your right and through the Del Monte Pineapple Plantation. Just continue until you reach Dahilayan Forest Park. 
You will see several directional signs along the way to guide you.
Source: (Dahilayan Forest Park)
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