/AMBON-AMBON FALLS in Laurel, Batangas

AMBON-AMBON FALLS in Laurel, Batangas

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Summer has finally arrived and it recently gave me the opportunity to go out with my running friends again who were all very excited to explore some of the beautiful places around the country. A friend of mine organized a run and showed me a picture of the Ambon-Ambon Falls in Laurel Batangas which got my attention and I decided to go along and see more about these falls.

Next to the town of Talisay Batangas, Laurel is also a great place to enjoy and get close to beautiful Taal volcano and lake. It is also known for beautiful mountain ridges with a view of Tagaytay from below.
I also felt that the easiest way to get to Laurel, Batangas is by going via Talisay Road from Tagaytay. Everybody knows where Talisay is because that’s the road they use if they want to go on the Taal Volcano trekking tours that are being offered in Tagaytay.
We ran all the way from Tagaytay and after 14 kms of running, we finally reached our destination. The heat was already intense even though it was early morning so we thought it was best to hurry and explore one of the favorite destinations in Laurel, Batangas which is the AMBON-AMBON FALLS.
This falls are not far from the Municipal Hall of Laurel, I am a bit confused whether it’s located in Brgy. San Gabriel or Brgy. Paliparan. But it’s a small town, so you can just ask the people for directions.
When we arrived at Brgy. San Gabriel, there was an Environmental Fee of Php 5.00. The people were very friendly and talkative too. They couldn’t believe we ran from Tagaytay down to Laurel.
From the place where we registered, there is another walk of around 1 Kilometer that will lead you to the welcome sign to Ambun-Ambun Falls. They also have Malagaslas Spring, but when we asked the locals which they prefer more, they like the Ambun-Ambun falls more. I will have to save that for my next visit.  (excuses excuses!) haha
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Pasil Jecob
The locals set up bamboo decks and shelters along this pristine river for the visitors to enjoy their swim.
The walk was very enjoyable specially if you are on a hanging bridge.
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Pasil Jecob
Upon arrival, there is an entrance fee of around Php 10.00 – 15.00. I forgot the exact price but what was for sure was, it’s CHEAP! The registration fee is for both Ambon-Ambon Falls and Malagaslas Falls. Guides are also available at a price but not mandatory.
On your way to the falls, you will be crossing several river streams over these bamboo stilt bridges. Everywhere we looked, the river stream was clean and the water was so clear. Visitors can just swim wherever they want to.
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Pasil Jecob
You will come across this signage which will lead you to your destination.
You can enjoy both in one day!
I thought all along that we would be walking using our shoes all the way to the falls, but I was wrong. The fun part was, we walked in the river stream for which we had to remove our shoes and just feel the cold water coming from the falls.
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Pasil Jecob
If you are feeling thirsty and forgot to buy a water bottle, no need to worry since you will find a lot of springs around the area to.  It was really refreshing!
The walk to the falls made me feel like I was walking in an enchanted  forest. You have this feeling of being safe specially when you are surrounded by these huge trees. These boulders of rock felt like they were there to protect everyone who walks by. It almost felt like you are in a different world walking through this tunnel-like path to the falls.
Photo Courtesy: Lyana Pasil Jecob
Some rocks can be quite slippery, so walked with extra caution.
And after a few minutes of walking, we started hearing this gushing sound of the waterfalls and this is what welcomed us, The beautiful Ambon-Ambon Falls!
Since it’s summer, they have cottages for rent which cost Php 100.00 each.
Ambon-Ambon falls have two drop offs. The first falls is a big one which causes tiny water droplets which in Filipino can be translated into AMBON. Now, we know!
Below are the other falls, which are smaller, to the one on top. The waist deep lagoon is perfect for swimming and also for those who want to get close to the waterfall. It’s also nice to put your back under it and get an instant back massage!
Ambon-Ambon falls is really worth visiting! A beautiful place hugged by lush greenery and rock cliffs almost reaching to the skies, I am not surprised why this falls is a favorite destination for tourists to visit when they are in Laurel, Batangas.
Thanks to the 5 mighty explorers Aldrin, Blue, Alyna, and Mhiko !
HOW TO GET TO Ambon-Ambon Falls in LAUREL, BATANGAS -(http://laurelbatangas.gov.ph/about/location-map/):
A. The Municipality of Laurel is about 93 kilometers from the Manila City Hall via South expressway-Tanauan/Talisay route and about 3 hours travel to reach this place including mild traffic along the way.


B. However, there is an alternative route from Manila which is considered the shortest access leading to this place, the coastal-expressway-Tagaytay City route via Dasmariñas Cavite.
C. From Tagaytay, a traveler may take one from several access road where he wants to enjoy the natural beauty of the ridge and winding road down to lake coast where Laurel is located.
D. These alternative routes are: Ligaya Drive via Talisay, Sampaloc Zig-zag Road, Laurel-Alfonzo Ridge Road and Laurel-Tamayo Provincial Road.


E. From Laurel Municipal Hall, you can take a tricycle to Ambon-Ambon Falls.
Get to know more about Laurel, Batangas: http://laurelbatangas.gov.ph
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