/8 Beautiful Places to Visit in SCOTLAND!

8 Beautiful Places to Visit in SCOTLAND!

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SCOTLAND | If you are looking for a scenic destination, vibrant culture, and a rich heritage, Scotland is the place to be.  Located in the northern part of United Kingdom, Scotland would make your holiday truly memorable.  As you explore Scotland the different castles, ruins, abbeys, and churches take you back to their rich and colorful history. Aside from the their rich past, Scotland is also famous for their beautiful mountain ranges, canals, rivers, and lochs which makes it ideal ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities.  Something you could only find in Scotland. 
As part of our UK Tour, we explored Scotland as much as our time in this beautiful country would allow and it was easy to find places that made our Scotland holiday memorable. With so many scenic roads and seemingly unexplored tracks to follow our GPS was really useful in ensuring that we did not miss anything.  But getting lost anywhere in Scotland is a joy!
In this article, we came up with 8 Beautiful Places to visit in Scotland



A very famous castle in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle. This castle sticks out dominating the skyline of this ancient city capital. And because of it’s location, this historic fortress makes it one of the most visited castle. The castle is open from 9:30am until 6:00pm. The castle can get very busy so I would advise tourists to arrive in early to enjoy and avoid the crowds.


Just a short walk from the Edinburgh Castle and you will find yourself exploring the Royal Mile – this is a must. Considered as one of the oldest street in Edinburgh, you will find different shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, tours, and many more. I also enjoyed watching the street performers here.  What’s even better is, it’s free to walk around! 


The famous Royal Yacht Britannia was the floating beloved residence of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal Family for 44 years. It visited many different places and countries all over the world. Upon entering, you will be given a radio which will guide you during your entire tour. Different sections were numbered and once you pressed that number on the radio, it will explain to your everything you need to know.


A better way to enjoy your tour through Scotland is to try a genuine Scotch Whiskey – that is why we decided to check Scotland’s smallest distillery, EDRADOUR. Located in the beautiful town of Pitlochry, Edradour, still stands as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whiskey up to the present. It is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in this picturesque town. One of our main reasons for visiting Pitlochry was to visit Edradour as one of our party was a whiskey connoisseur and Edradour was one of the few distilleries that allowed visitors access to the complete distillery process.


DORES, Inverness

Located along right on the banks of one of the most famous bodies of water in the world, Dores is the place that provides a dramatically picturesque gateway to the Highlands of Scotland. This lake became very famous for their Loch Ness Monster which remains elusive until now. But the mystery and the beautiful landscape of this lake are just some of the many reasons why this village is a favorite holiday destination.


Also located in the Highlands and very close to Dores, are Falls Of Foyers.  A very attractive series of 165m falls, everyone will fall in love with it.  I find the walk to the falls very romantic as well. 
If you enjoy walking and looking for a beautiful scenery, you have to visit this falls. There are different view points where you can enjoy the view of the falls from different angles. 




With so many castles we visited in the UK, Dunrobin Castle is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. A friend described this as a fairy tale castle and that’s is certainly true of this castle. The driveway leading to the castle was quite magical and listening to the sound of the bagpipes at the entrance of the castle made it such a memorable welcome.
We had a tour of the inside of the castle, however picture taking was not allowed. But when we walked out into the landscaped gardens, I felt like I was going to ran out of frames because I’ve just seen the most beautiful garden ever! 
Who wouldn’t fall in love in this beautiful garden? 
Add Ons:
Have your camera always ready as the drive around Scotland as the next bend in the road reveals scene upon scene of picturesque views such as these. 


We ended our trip to Scotland by driving all the the way to the North Eastern tip of Scotland. This small village is very popular destination not just because of it’s location but also because of the scenic landscape that can be found in the area.If you come here, you need to have a picture taken at the Last House in Scotland. There are also cafes around the area and accommodation for those who wanted to stay longer. 
Nowadays, to get to these beautiful places, we mostly relied on our PHONE GPS and 
it was pretty accurate. 
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